3 Safety Liabilities To Remember For Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

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Having an outdoor wedding is a memorable way to mark the occasion of your marriage. Of course, additional planning is often needed to take account of weather, ground conditions and other hazards. Brides and grooms should consider special event insurance that covers some of the more common liabilities that can occur with outdoor weddings. This type of insurance will allow you to enjoy your special day with less worry about situations that are beyond your control.

1 – Electrical Problems

Being outdoors can cause an additional risk of electrical problems, especially when the weather suddenly turns stormy. You should always arrange for an alternative venue to allow your guests to take shelter indoors when weather conditions become uncomfortable or hazardous. Electrical shorts can endanger wedding guests and can also pose a risk to property. Insurance coverage for special events will provide liability coverage for this type of damage, which can be especially important when your wedding is on historic or commercial sites.

Another problem that often occurs in regard to wedding events and venues is alcohol-related liabilities. These liabilities occur when guests or members of the wedding party consume too much alcohol, and cause an injury to themselves or do damage to the property. Liability can be claimed in cases of having an open bar, where little control can be exerted over guests who consume alcohol. Unless they have insurance, the bride and groom may be liable for medical costs or property damage.

3 – Lightning

Another hazard that may lead to legal liability for the bride and groom having an outdoor wedding is the potential for a lightning strike. In some areas of the country, stormy weather and lightning strikes are a common occurrence during the warm summer months. An outdoor wedding during this period can put both members of the wedding party and guests at risk. If you are planning an outdoor wedding in one of these areas of the country, ensure that you provide shelter for your guests if lightning threatens them. Lightning can cause severe injury or even death. Special event insurance provides insurance against such unexpected injuries.

Planning an outdoor wedding requires additional consideration to make the event pleasant and safe for all involved. If you have questions regarding safety and legal liability, consider talking to a personal injury attorney like the professionals at Knafo Law Offices. If you ensure that your wedding party and guests are well cared for, you will have provided an enjoyable event they will remember for years to come. However, outdoor weddings can incur greater liabilities, due to factors beyond your control. Special event insurance can help to allay your fears, so you can fully enjoy your wedding day.

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