5 Exciting Road Trip Destinations In And Around Perth

Perth is an extremely pleasant and sunny city and absolutely the crown of Western Australia. The city itself houses some amazing attractions and there is no shortage of amazing road trip destinations nearby as well. Western Australia has some of the longest and best driving roads and one can make the most of it by hiring a campervan in Perth and use the Australia Driving Guide to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind driving experience. Some of the most incredible landscapes are merely just hours away from this city and welcome all the travelers in a mesmerizing manner. We have shortlisted a few destinations that are a must-visit when thinking of vacationing by road.

#1 The stunning coastline of Kalbarri

This place is situated approximately 590 kilometers from Perth and it takes about a six-hour drive in a campervan to reach Kalbarri. The journey is filled with really cool local attractions and some spectacular dishes made from the local harvest and produce. One such attraction involves a meal of fresh seafood at Lancelin or Cervantes and paying a visit to the Pink Lake near Port Gregory without any detours. Once you reach Kalbarri, there are numerous experiences to enjoy your time there. The majestic river gorges or the national park offer some unique photography opportunities. To enjoy your trip leisurely, watch out for activities like daily pelican feeding or observe the beauty of nature through an everlasting trail and array of wildflowers in the spring season.

#2 The mesmerizing Esperance

Esperance is known to be one of Australia’s most iconic locations. People from all over the globe head to this destination to experience the turquoise blue water. The summers are the best if you want to enjoy a relaxing swim in the waters whereas the spring is the most suitable to witness the wildflowers blooming. If interested to go for a hike one can consider the Cape Le Grand national park which hosts a popular trail with a breathtaking view from the top, the Frenchman peak. There are various campsites that are suitable for staying when traveling in a campervan and provide the perfect access to fun locations like the Lucky bay

#3 The historical Albany

The region near Albany is famous for being Western Australia’s wineries and is the perfect way to enjoy a quick weekend getaway. One can hire a campervan from Perth, head down to explore the historical buildings, and find unique restaurants and bars to enjoy themselves.  The Gap and the Nature bridge are some of the main attractions along with other alluring sandy beaches. Understand the significance of one of the most important cultural pilgrimages located inside Princess Royal Fortress, which overlooks the harbor from which over 41000 men and women departed for the Great war.

#4 The holiday paradise-  Yallingup

With a plethora of activities to indulge in, Yallingup is truly the perfect holiday destination only a mere 250 km away from Perth. The place houses several stunning cave formations that are approximately one million years old. Winters offer the opportunity to gaze at the majestic blue whales on a sensational boat tour. Other adventurous activities include snorkeling, fishing, and whale watching.

#5 The Perth Hills

This ride is closer to home than the other destinations. One can hire a campervan from Perth, ride for a few km and set up camp in designated campervan parks. The drive from Mundaring Weir to Kalamunda offers some genuinely pleasing sights and the walk around the bushlands near the Mundaring dam can guarantee a great time mingling around nature. After a luxurious meal in Kalamunda and indulging in the local cuisine, take the scenic zig-zag road back to the city of Perth.


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