Must-See Places to Visit in Yanbu This Year

Visiting and traveling to Saudi Arabia often leads us to thoughts about Mecca and Medina, but there is so much more to this giant and historic country. A few-hour drive west of Medina brings you to Yanbu, a beautiful historic city on the coast of the Red Sea. From calming nature parks and beaches to towns with old homes full of history, there are so many reasons which make Yanbu a place to put on your travel list for this year. And with that said, we have made a list of must-see places to visit in Yanbu this year to help you ensure that your stay is the unforgettable experience it should be.

Please keep in mind that it is very important to do enough research before traveling to Saudi Arabia. Remember that Saudi culture is likely much different than yours, and you should be ready to uphold it, both out of respect and for your safety from legal prosecution.

Yanbu Must-see No1: Radwa Mount

Radwa Mount can be found to the northeast of the city in one of Yanbu’s surrounding villages called Rakhou. Aside from its natural beauty, this mountain is known for inspiring many Arabic poets. Radwa is the highest point in the Al Nakhil mountain range, making it a perfect place for globe-trotting hikers. There are regular tours scheduled from Yanbu, so even if you don’t have enough hiking experience to go alone, you can always join a group of other tourists looking to enjoy the beauty of Radwa Mount.

Yanbu Must-see No2: Yanbu Lake

First opened in 2014 by The Royal Commission of Yanbu, Yanbu Lake is a nature park centered around a man-made lake. This park was made within the industrial city to emulate a natural and serene environment for families and workers to enjoy and relax in. It attracts visitors with its many attributes, such as:

  1. waterfalls
  2. lush green grass
  3. walkways
  4. green landscape
  5. children’s playgrounds
  6. wonderful night lighting
  7. waterfront
  8. a bird garden that attracts migratory birds

When you come to Yanbu Lake, you are sure to quickly realize why it is one of the most unskippable must-see places to visit in Yanbu. Of course, if you are a lover of places like this, there are many more like it in Yanbu. For instance, if you are a lady, we also recommend the women-only Al Khadra park.

Yanbu Must-see No3: Dana Mall

If you are a shopaholic, then a definite must-see place to visit for you is Dana Mall. This is the largest shopping center in Yanbu. It offers many different styles of shops, from large international brands and their respective outlets to smaller popup shops and homegrown brands. There is a large parking lot in case you decide to rent a car or you can drive to it and many other amenities.

The food court offers a wide variety of cuisines. From Western American and European food to traditional Saudi Arabian and middle eastern cooking, there is something for everyone in this mall. If nothing else, it is a good place to come and eat some pizza if you are feeling a bit homesick.

Yanbu Must-see No4: The home of T.E. Lawrence

The historic part of downtown Yanbu is a must-see place to visit in itself, but aside from the still-standing old coral buildings, what really makes it a special destination is the home of T.E. Lawrence. The newly renovated house of the writer, army officer, archaeologist, and diplomat is now a museum honoring his life’s work. Until recent years the locals had left the house to decay out of fear that it was haunted, but now it is one of the most visited destinations for tourists who come to Yanbu. While young, Lawrence lived here for two years (1915-1916). As Yanbu truly is a gorgeous place that many people fall in love with (especially the downtown historic residential areas), you might find yourself wanting to move here. In case you decide on this, we recommend hiring movers. Moving is always a big step, and you can at least be sure that pros can get you here safely.

Yanbu Must-see No5: The depths of the Red Sea

Even though this isn’t technically a place, we highly recommend exploring one of the most famous scuba diving centers in the world. The Red Sea is one of the best must-see places to visit in Yanbu this year (and any other year). This is not just because of the gorgeous nature of the Seven Sisters coral reef but also because of the historic shipwrecks that can be found. If you have the opportunity to visit here and go on some of the organized scuba diving tours that are led by experienced instructors, make sure you utilize it and see the sadly dying reef. While sightings of hammerhead sharks are common, there is no need to fret; as long as you remain calm and follow the instructor’s guidance, you should be in no danger.

Final tips for all the must-see places to visit in Yanbu this year

Here are some of our final tips when it comes to visiting Yanbu and Saudi Arabia in general. Following these steps is sure to make your visit to these places much easier.

Have your phone on hand

Yanbu and Saudi Arabia as a whole are very big and not as densely packed as you might be used to, so when you’re traveling, make sure you always have your phone on hand and fully charged in case you get lost.

Enjoy the seafood

Being a coastal city with a large port makes Yanbu the perfect place to eat fresh seafood, made both in traditional Arabian ways and modern fusion cuisines.

Follow the social norm for clothes

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country where following traditions is a way of life that might be foreign to Westerners. You’ll be fine as a tourist as long as you don’t wear anything too revealing (cover your shoulders, knees, and ankles). This should be followed both out of respect for the people living there and respect for the Saudi laws.

Don’t expect stores to always be open

As Muslim tradition dictates that prayer should be done five times daily, stores and restaurants will frequently close during the day for prayer time. Just be patient, and you’ll get what you need in a few minutes when it reopens. We wish you luck in your travels and fun while at the must-see places to visit in Yanbu.

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