Starting a Business: 5 Crucial Steps before Breaking Ground for Your Store

Contributed by Lizzie Weakley

Starting a business seems very easy, but one needs critical steps that can lead to business success. Many people have joined business world; some have succeeded while others haven’t. Therefore, it is essential to have a plan before you enter entrepreneurship. When one follows specific steps when starting a business, there is no doubt that the business has high chances of growth. The following are critical steps that one needs before starting a business.

Do Market Research

After having a viable business idea, doing market research is the next important step. Assess the potential market and determine if there is a space for your products and services. If there are market players in the business, determine how you can do better to offer competition and create your business space. After the market research, you will have a clear picture of the target customers, and proceed to actualize your business idea.

Have a Business Plan

A business plan is a useful tool that can be used to seek finance from lenders. It has financial projections and business strategies that are helpful in establishing and managing the business. A marketing plan is also in the business plan which explains marketing strategies that will be used to promote and advertise your store products and services. The business plan will help you in analyzing the success the store soon.


Capital is needed for every business startup. Therefore, you must determine how much you have and how much you can borrow for the startup. If you have enough capital according to the business plan, you are good to go. But if you don’t have enough you can seek funding from friends &families, banks as well as investors. Consider every financing option and make the right decision that won’t affect your business in future.

Do Environmental Assessment

After everything is set, it is advisable to do an environmental assessment to prevent land contamination. Getting a good company like Geotech Testing Pty Ltd that specializes in the environmental assessment and geotechnical services is a significant advantage. With a proper assessment, you are ready to start the business right away.

Get All Necessary Licenses

After the above, you must decide the business structure and then get the right permits and licenses. The licenses vary with the local laws thus inquire on the permits required for the store. Hire employees and start the business.

From above it is evident for a business to start and grow some steps must be followed. Don’t start a business without determining your target market. Have enough funds for the business and stick to the business plan. With the above steps, there is no doubt you store will grow and expand after startup.

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