How to Take Good Care of Your Glasses: Simple Tips All Wearers Should Know

Being able to see is a privilege, and when you spend time and money trying to find the best pair of glasses for your lifestyle and budget, it’s important that you take the steps necessary to take care of them. Whether you’ve recently purchased some designer frames, blue light glasses, prescription eyewear, or sunglasses with reading lenses, understanding how to take better care of them will ensure longevity and usability for months to come.

Here we’ll explore how you can take good care of your glasses with these simple tips all wearers should know.

Be wary of wiping your lenses when dry

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your vision impaired by debris, dirt, and smears on your lenses. Thankfully, it’s an issue that can be easily rectified with a quick wipe of a cloth. What you might not realize, however, is that by wiping your glasses whilst dry, you could be inadvertently scratching and damaging the lenses by dragging the debris across the lens. To avoid this from happening, always make sure you rinse your glasses before you wipe them to protect their coatings and lenses and minimize scratching.

Only use the right cloth

Sticking with cloths and cleaning, we’ve all been guilty of using our sleeve to give our glasses a quick clean. Or using a tissue, napkin, or tea towel as a quick fix. Once again, you could be causing damage to your lenses as these items have a rough, uneven surface that could scratch your glasses. Always use a proper glasses cleaning cloth.

Always store them in a case

Taking your glasses off and putting them down somewhere, only to frantically search for them later on is something we’ve all done. Keeping them in a hard glasses case when they’re not in use will not only make them easier to find, but will also prevent them from getting squashed, damaged, or broken by accident. Your glasses are an investment, so you should certainly take good care of them.

Never leave them in the car

While it might not be too much of an issue in the winter months, leaving your glasses in the car with the sun beating down can cause all kinds of damage. If you’re someone who needs glasses for driving, then always take them inside with you. Leaving them on the dashboard in the sun can cause damage to the lens coating and damage the shape of your frames.

Take them off with both hands

How do you take your glasses off? You’ve probably not given it much thought. Taking your glasses off with one hand means pulling one arm of your glasses repeatedly every day. This will cause additional wear and tear to your frames, altering the shape and damaging the arms. By gently removing your glasses with both hands, you’ll help your glasses retain their shape and prevent them from becoming misaligned.

Final thoughts…

Looking after your glasses properly means that they’ll last longer and remain aligned properly with your eyes. Take these steps above to ensure they’re cared for and protected. 

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