What is Domain Authority? Can it determine the Search Engine Ranking Scores?

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If you want to find out what domain authority (DA) is then you are certainly in the right place and at the right time. In this article, you are going to explore details about domain authority and whether it determines your search engine ranking score or not. If you don’t know anything about domain authority and are new to this concept then you are in luck today. Let us first discuss what DA actually is!

What is Domain Authority – DA?

DA or domain authority is actually the ranking score developed by the famous Moz website. The domain authority score actually tells you about the authority and credibility of a website in the eyes of the search engine.  If you want to find out how strong a domain is as a candidate to win higher ranks on the search results of Google then you can simply check its DA score.

The domain authority score ranges from zero to and hundred. The lesser the domain authority score would be the lesser would be the chances of the website winning higher ranking positions on Google. The higher the domain authority score of your site would be the better would be the chances of it getting on the top. This is not at all a ranking factor in the eyes of the search engine but it surely is a way to find out whether your website is optimized according to the requirements of the search engine or not.

The same is the case with page authority. Page authority is the creditability score of a single webpage on a website and the DA score tells you about the exact authority score for the whole domain.

How can you calculate domain authority?

If you want to find out where you stand in the eyes of the search engine then you can easily do so by checking your domain authority score. In the past, it was very impossible to find the domain authority score of your website but today it has become very much possible and this is all thanks to the modern domain authority checker resources. You can check da pa with Moz but in this section, we are going to tell you about another advanced tool for this purpose. 

First, you should know that the domain authority of any website is calculated on the basis of multiple factors. These factors include the total number of links on the website, the quality of the links, the relevancy of links to the niche of the website, the keywords used in the content, the quality of content, any duplication found in the content, linking root domains and other relevant factors. You would not only get to know about the domain authority score of the site today but you can also compare it with that of your competitors and this is because of the online da pa checker.

Domain Authority checker by SmallSEOTools

The domain authority checker by smallseotools is a free utility. You can use it online on your browser without any prior skills or experience. We would like you to know that in the da pa checker you are going to find an empty input box. In this box, you can enter up to ten different domains. You have to enter your domain address in the input box and you can also enter the ones of your competition. After completing the input information, you have to simply click on the ‘check authority’ button. The tool would take a few seconds to analyze the domain addresses in the input box and would present you scores from zero to a hundred. 

You can easily analyze your position and can also compare it with that of your competitors. Here you should know that online domain authority checker tools can also provide you suggestions as to what needs to be changed, removed or replaced on your site in order to improve domain authority!

Does domain authority have any effect on SEO rankings?

As we have told you before, domain authority scores have nothing to do with the SEO ranking factors of the search engine, directly! But it is true that it can have an indirect effect on your ranking. For example, if a website has a higher da score then it means that it has a lot of quality links which is also a good SEO ranking factor. In the same manner, if the DA score of a site is low then it means that it has some missing factors that can push its position.

A Low DA score doesn’t mean that you would have a low-ranking position. Even if your DA score is 30, you can still be on the top of the search results. It can be because other sites in the competition might have a lower score than yours. In the same way, having a DA score of 90 doesn’t mean that you would be on the top as there might be some other sites that would have better SEO factors than yours.

So you should not take domain authority as a ranking factor but you can surely keep track of it in order to grow your site in the eyes of the search engine!

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