Memorable and Unique Funeral Ideas to Say Good-Bye to The Departed Soul

Guest post contributed by Zoe Sewell

There are many ways of making the funeral unique. One of the best ideas can be personalizing the arrangement for the departed soul. As the person, you lost recently was unique, the funeral you plan to honor the person must also be unique. There are various personalization options you can use for organizing unique funerals. The foremost option is providing every visitor a name tag. As the people who attend the ceremony belong to various areas of the life of the departed soul, there is a chance, that the attendees will not know each other. You may have a table arrangement to allow the visitors to fill up the name tags.

Funeral services and funeral ceremonies must be unique and different. Through the funeral, you are trying to celebrate the life of an individual who is no more. There are a plethora of ways to add a personalized touch to memorial services and funeral services. If you are unsure of arranging the funeral services, you may take help from funeral companies.

Tips for Making the Funeral Unique

  • In the funeral venue, you may place the framed pictures of the deceased, speaking about the various stages of his/her life.
  • Use audio-visual aids to show a video that relates to the deceased. If you do not have any video created in the past, do collect the pictures or snaps and get them converted into a video. You must play traditional hymns in the background.
  • Let the friends and family members participate in the service relating to the funeral. You may ask them to read out some scripture passage that was their favorite of the person. Involve the guests to read out quotes, poems, or passages. It will be great to read out something which was written by the departed soul.
  • Make a musical arrangement and allow some harpist, bagpipe player, vocalist, or pianist to play the music.
  • It is important to arrange for a military horror in case the loved one served the military forces.
  • Arrange a unique procession by using the same vehicle which was used by the deceased. You may plan a route to the burial place and stop for the school, park, or any favorite zone of the deceased which comes in between.
  • Keep the note cards ready and allow the visitors to write something about the one who died. It may happen that people come up with some unique stories that are worth sharing with all.
  • Choose some parting gifts such as a unique butterfly ring, and offer them to the attendees. The parting gift may also be any favorite book of the loved one, a packet of seeds, some pen, or any favorite accessory which was used.
  • To make the ceremony symbolic, you must arrange for butterflies, doves, or at least balloon release
  • After the funeral ceremony is completed, invite each guest to the funeral venue and serve food and drink. The reception might take place in the home, hotel, church, or some restaurant.

Customize the Coffins

You may get the coffin customized to display any graphic. If the person was a horticulturist, there can be sketches of orchids all throughout. On the other hand, if the person was a sea diver or surfer, there can be beach scenes all over the coffin. Decorated caskets must be arranged to reflect the personality of the person. Make sure the coffin is environment-friendly and is made from sustainable materials.

The funeral ceremony may be made unique and beautiful with songs, prayers, and poems. Customizing the items used in the funeral ceremony is the best way to show your love and care for the soul.


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