Top 4 Christian Bands to Hire

Finding good Christian bands to play at your party, class reunion, or church event can be hard. Finding good Christian rockabilly bands can be even harder. Or Christian metal bands. Or Christian rap. Or Christian jazz.

The truth, however, is that if you look hard enough you can find faith-driven artists in every genre, in every part of the country. Whatever your tastes, whatever your geographic location, there’s a devotional musical act for everyone. These are some of the very best:

Perfekt Blend

WHO: An ensemble of seasoned musicians with 60 years of collective experience

WHERE: Washington, DC

WHAT: Contemporary Top 40 hits and classic jazz oldies

WHY: Living up to its name, Perfekt Blend is the ultimate customizable music group. Scaling from a four-piece quartet to a full 15-member band, Perfekt Blend’s roster includes singers, guitarists, pianists, saxophonists, trumpet players, and more. Event planners can mix and match musicians to suit their needs. Likewise, Perfekt Blend’s repertoire covers everything from modern pop covers to instrumental jazz favorites. With a flexibility matched only by its members’ talent, this is one act that will keep party-goers dancing all night long.

Seven J

WHO: A solo rapper and inspirational speaker

WHERE: Jacksonville, FL

WHAT: Christian hip-hop and motivational spoken word

WHY: Founder of the Seven J Ministry, this former gangsta rapper turned Christian emcee climbed his way out of poverty with the help of a born-again passion for uplifting spirituality and a natural talent for lyricism that he’s been honing since age six. In addition to his musical performances, Seven J offers his services as a motivational speaker, officiant, and youth mentor. Event-planners in search of a total package need to look no further.


WHO: A trio of Colombian expat head-bangers with a unique gothic style

WHERE: Chicago, IL

WHAT: Latin-American influenced progressive rock and metal

WHY: For those who like their music hard and heavy, they don’t come much harder or heavier than Exegesis. But don’t be fooled by the dark clothes and thrashing riffs, the members of Exegesis infuse their aggressive tunes with positive messages of faith and redemption. With four full-length albums under their belts, these rockers have no shortage of original material to get fists pumping, and their face-painted stage show is a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed.

Texassippi Soul Man Danny Brooks and Lil Miss Debi

WHO: An award-winning husband and wife duo

WHERE: Los Angeles, CA

WHAT: Bluesy rockabilly and country-fried roots music

WHY: Innovating a distinctive mélange dubbed “Texassippi” (think one part Hank Williams, one part Howlin’ Wolf, one part Allman Brothers, and a whole lot of swagger) Danny Brooks has spent 40 years touring the country with his wife Debi, spreading gritty strains of Southern Americana. You might not think a two-piece act could achieve as robust a sound as a larger band, but you’d be wrong. While Debi thunders on her cajón (a Peruvian percussion instrument), Danny flits effortlessly from slide and cigar-box guitars to his harmonica and even a homemade stomp box. It’s little surprise that this award-winning artist was recently inducted into the Clarksdale, Mississippi Blues Hall of Fame.

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  1. I need to check them out, at least the songs. I love gospel music and would even consider hiring a band for my wedding.

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