Autumn Outdoors: Fun Activities for Families

Guest post contributed by Jordan Stratton

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After summer has ended and the weather outside begins to turn chilly, most kids begin to find ways to entertain themselves inside the house. While this might work for a few days, it leave them full of energy that results in messy rooms! Before you contemplate letting your little ones stage a football game so they’ll stop making a mess, consider the outdoor activities below. They are perfect for the cooler autumn weather and will help kids of any age get all their energy out.

1. Play Cornhole

Cornhole is an excellent game to play with kids because it’s fun for all ages. How do you play? It’s easy! All you need is a cornhole board and bags, which you can purchase or make on your own. Once you have those supplies, simply choose a spot to throw the bags from and challenge each kid to make it into a hole.

2. Pick Apples

Autumn is the very best time for apple picking, as most orchards are overflowing with ripe apples that cost only a few dollars per bag to pick. You can easily spend a day picking pounds of apples with your kids. As an added bonus, most farms have corn mazes and pumpkin picking this time of the year, so you’ll find endless outdoor activities to participate in.

3. Make Leaf Crafts

If you have an abundance of leaves outside, challenge your kids to collect them for something fun. There are many crafts that can be done with these, from canvas art to hanging welcome banners, kids can have a lot of fun with the piles of leaves they collect. This also clears up your yard, so it’s the perfect activity to benefit your home.

Autumn Fun for All Ages

Which activity will you try this autumn? Each of those listed above is excellent for kids of all ages. They’re fun, affordable, and excellent ways to enjoy the fall days with friends and family.

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  1. I love this idea, I think its great to be active outside of the home during the Fall season.

  2. i think people forget to go outside when its not traditionally nice out. we love a good puddle jump1

  3. One of my favorite Fall activities as a child was raking the leaves into big piles and jumping in them. I also have played cornhole. All these sound fun.

  4. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, and I really need to get outdoors more during them. I have three dogs who love to go for long walks in the Fall (although my girl, Kyoko, is having medical issues and can’t go for walks right now).

  5. Great ideas, I need to take the Grandkids apple picking. They haven’t ever done that. I like the game and activities also. Thanks for sharing.

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