What Clothes You Should Put on Newborn in Summer

The summer heat can be challenging for parents and their babies, especially when it’s the first time you’re dressing your newborn in lighter clothes. Whether you live in a sweltering city or somewhere that experiences 
humid summers, your newborn will need breathable and lightweight clothing to keep them cool and comfortable. Here is how you can choose the right summer clothes for your newly born child.

1. Do Not Overdress Your Baby

For the first few months of your baby’s life, you should avoid overdressing them. Overdressing is like forcing a newborn to wear too tight of clothing, which can cause discomfort if they are too warm. For example, you could wear a diaper only at home all day and then put on a shirt, pajama pants, and a diaper overnight when you go to sleep. You might also consider using different types of wrappings such as undershirts or sleep suits inside their clothing while they’re sleeping so that they stay cool during the night hours.

2. Choose Breathable Materials

Your child needs clothes that offer shade protection without restricting the airflow for their little bodies. A popular option for newborn baby clothes is lightweight cotton-like capris and t-shirts with short sleeve shirts. You can choose from cotton fabrics, terry towels, and lightweight fleece. The most popular choice for cotton is the crepe fabric which looks like a thin version of this fabric.

3. Swaddle Them in Light Muslin Blankets at Night

To avoid too much fabric, you can cover your baby with a thin blanket at night. If the room temperature is too high at night, you should avoid using cotton clothing as it can quickly accumulate heat. It is best to purchase a lightweight muslin blanket from reputable stores selling newborn baby clothes. You will find various types and colors depending on what you prefer. The light blanket will trap their body heat within the cloth and significantly reduce the risk of colic, ear infections, and diaper rash.

4. Use a Warm Pad Under Comfortable Blankets

You can avoid overheating by having your baby lay on a warm pad under comfy blankets at night. Parents may need to use a little more creativity in providing ventilation for babies at night. This is because you cannot use open windows, especially if you live in an apartment. You need to think outside the box when dealing with over-heating issues. Some parents use a hot water bottle or heating pad.

5. Learn the Signs of Temperature Discomfort

Your baby will let you know when they are uncomfortable. Most babies- especially premature babies- stop moving and want to be held. Other signs include:

  • Uncontrollable crying, burping, gasping or sniffing
  • Increased heart rate or irregular breathing
  • Tiny nostrils (Hooded nose) or an unusual breathing pattern

Seek medical help immediately if your baby is experiencing any of the signs mentioned above. They indicate that they have overheated, which can be life-threatening for newborn babies.


It’s the perfect time to start thinking about your little one’s summer wardrobe. After all, the scorching heat is just around the corner, and you don’t want your baby to suffer because of that. While you may feel overwhelmed by the choices available in the market, you can always hack it with the right criteria. We hope that the above tips have helped you understand

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