Design the Perfect Home Office

The number of people who are working from home is on the rise and with it the demand for a perfect home office that fits the bill. Not every new home business owner has the luxury of starting fresh out of the gates with an office that can rival the space for some executives. However, everyone that makes their living out of the home should pay attention to the space they call the office, if only for the sake of productivity.

Choose the Spot for the Home Office

If you are going to make money from home, you should have a spot that is dedicated to this purpose. It might not matter if the office is in a small space, if it works double duty as the guest room or if it is a room onto itself. The important thing is that it provides enough privacy when you need it to and that your equipment and supplies have a permanent home. In essence, you will most likely be spending a lot of time in it, so let’s discuss ways to make the most of it.

Plan the Layout of the Office

If space is an issue planning the layout takes on extreme importance. Home offices should have;

  • Enough storage for the files and supplies as well as some room for growth.
  • A hub for all the necessary office equipment.
  • A sensible placement for the desk.

Pay Attention to Tools that Increase Productivity

Your home office is an income generator, so everything that goes into the space should be treated as an investment in your business. The implication of this line of thinking is that investments must produce a return. This prevents you from overspending on frivolous items that have no impact on productivity.

Design for Comfort

Presumably, you will be spending a lot of time in your new office space, so it should be filled with comfortable furniture so that you can be productive. One of the most important investments you should consider is a decent office chair from furniturebox to prevent backaches. The office space should also have enough light so that you do not destroy your eyes in the process. Your desktop or laptop should be equipped with a glare screen protector and the machine should also be eye-level to prevent strains and aches.

Plan a Space for Visitors

You may eventually need to see clients in your office space so you should plan ahead to provide a spot for them to sit. While this may not be a regular occurrence, it is better to have somewhere for visitors to sit than to be unprepared. You want your visitors to feel relaxed and the room to be inviting.


The home office most importantly should match the way you work. It can be a compact space to store items when they are not in use to a full-service room that is meant to be used all day long. Plan for the space you need and your productivity will be the reward for your effort.

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  1. I love the second photo, as it presents the space I’d enjoy while working and meeting friends. Comfort is one of the most important aspects for me. 🙂

  2. I love most of these pictures! I actually was set up with a home office in a corner of my bedroom for Christmas! It has been wonderful to have a dedicated place to keep my work!

  3. I absolutely love this idea. I’ve always wanted to have a home office. Now that I’m a homeowner I’m ready to work on it. These are really helpful tips!!

  4. I think that decorating the office has always been my favorite room to design in the house. It’s super personal and I can make it my very own!!

  5. My home office is a place of sanctuary for me. With four children at home that I homeschool, having a place to escape is necessary. My office is set up for success, but my favorite spot is a comfy chair in the corner where I often sit to journal or plan for the week. I love the ability to create a space in our home that can reflect me in every area.

  6. Ahhhh I would LOVE to be able to have a home office in NYC. For now I’ll implement these ideas into the little corner “office” I have in our home. I finally got a larger desk, next step is getting more storage

  7. Great ideas. I work from home in a very small space and my problem is that I need to separate the office and family space. Specially when I get visitors.

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