SoHo vs. Tribeca: Where Should You Live in NYC? 

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These two unique NYC neighborhoods are also some of the most popular and expensive. But, these neighborhoods’ lifestyle is worth paying the high price. You will never be bored living in one of these two fantastic NYC neighborhoods. Even though they share many similarities, there are a few key differences between these two neighborhoods. When living in SoHo vs. Tribeca, you can’t go wrong either way. So, let’s see the key differences and answer the question – where should you live in NYC? 

Their location will help you decide

When moving to a new neighborhood, know that location is the most important thing about it. What SoHo and Tribeca have in common is that they are both located in Manhattan, the busiest and most popular part of NYC. Their exact location, however, is hidden in the abbreviation. Tribeca is short for Triangle Below Canal Street, an area in lower Manhattan. Tribeca is a neighborhood right next to the Hudson River.

On the other hand, SoHo is short for South of Hudson Street. Both neighborhoods are close to Little Italy. Because of their extraordinary locations, both neighborhoods are very walkable. You’ll quickly get around without ever needing to get in your car. 

SoHo vs. Tribeca: the price of real estate 

NYC is known for high real estate prices. That isn’t surprising when you look at how many rich and famous people live in these neighborhoods. Although these neighborhoods are some of the most expensive in NYC, one takes the lead. Tribeca real estate is more costly than SoHo. The price is different even though these neighborhoods offer the same kind of real estate. Both of these neighborhoods provide more lofts than any other part of NYC. Historic buildings and factories were turned into residential buildings once they were closed. Because of this, you will find many unique lofts to move into. So, when it comes to SoHo vs. Tribeca, you should know that for the same kind of loft, you will have to pay more if it is in Tribeca rather than SoHo. 

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Nightlife is better in SoHo, whereas Tribeca is quiet

The Big Apple has fantastic nightlife, and some of the best clubs are here in SoHo. This neighborhood is perfect for anyone who loves going out and partying. In SoHo, you’ll always have somewhere to go out on a Friday night. On the other hand, Tribeca is a quieter neighborhood. So, Tribeca is an NYC neighborhood that can be the right one for you if you love peace. Because of this, many families with kids prefer living here to in SoHo. So, if you want to move to NYC with your kids, Tribeca is the place to be. Although it is more expensive than other parts of the city, this location will make you and your family happy. There aren’t as many nightclubs, which drastically helps this neighborhood stay quiet. People in Tribeca are amiable and enjoy their peaceful community. 

Finding movers for your NYC move

After you find the perfect home, it’s time to start planning your move. Moving to one of the busiest cities in the world isn’t easy. However, when you have the right help, you will rest assured that everything will go as planned. Therefore, find the best and most affordable movers to relocate you to SoHo. With the right professionals helping you relocate, you will have more time to get to know and enjoy your new neighborhood. 

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Shopping is better in SoHo

SoHo is well-known for being one of the best places in New York City to go shopping. When you are shopping in SoHo, it isn’t a chore. It’s an experience. You’ll quickly find the latest fashion pieces to wear next season. If you love a good designer piece, you will find something to match your style right here. However, one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques are in abundance here, too. You can stand out in the crowd by wearing unique pieces bought right there in your new neighborhood. SoHo is a neighborhood with a lot of personalities, and these stores add a lot to it. 

Tribeca is better if you spend time outside

One thing that differentiates Tribeca from SoHo is the proximity to the Hudson River. Tribeca is a neighborhood that is right next to it. You can easily walk along the Hudson River Park when you live here. With an apartment in Tribeca comes a magnificent view of the river.  You can have fun playing outdoor sports. Socializing will also be easy when you have a walkable space filled with amenities. Living a healthy lifestyle will be enjoyable in a neighborhood like this one. 

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Soho vs. Tribeca: what do they have in common?

Besides having a rich history, these neighborhoods share many different things. Firstly, these locations are both just as impressive when it comes to schooling and career opportunities. SoHo is a fantastic location for any young professional looking to advance in their career. Your kids will get the best education possible, as they’ll be near some of the best schools in NYC. Another pro for these neighborhoods is that they are some of the safest neighborhoods in Manhattan. Both of these neighborhoods are easy to navigate on foot or by bike. You’ll never go hungry in these neighborhoods, as they both offer excellent restaurants and cafes you can visit.  

To sum up

SoHo vs. Tribeca: they are very similar but still have a couple of significant differences. When choosing between these two, consider these factors before you reach a final decision. Considering factors such as the price and the amenities each neighborhood offers will help you make a final decision. Even though they are a bit different, both SoHo and Tribeca are great options you won’t regret moving to. In the end, being in NYC is always fun, no matter where you choose. It’s all about choosing the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle best. 

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