How to Keep Fit While Working in The Office

With most adults spending the majority of their time in an office during the weekdays, it can be difficult to try and stay fit while working a full-time desk job. However, there are fitness hacks that you can incorporate into your daily work schedule to help you keep looking fit and fresh both in and outside the office. 

Skip the Elevator

Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs instead. With every step burning about .17 calories, this can make a significant difference on your health, even if it’s only a couple flights. If you’re interested in learning more facts about the benefits of stair climbing, there is a really informative article that you can check out here

Workouts In the Office

There are numerous exercises that you can do in the office, many of them involving no workout equipment and only your desk/chair. Some easier workouts that just include rolling up your dress shirt are tricep dips, squats and wall sits. Along with these, there are several other kinds of exercises you can do in the office if you’re interested in mixing it up

Walk Around

If your goal is to achieve a certain number of steps per day, the perfect way to accomplish that goal is to walk around the office as much as possible. If you’re about to send an email to a colleague, see if they’re in the office and walk to their desk instead to share the message. Another great open window is your lunch break, if you have an hour long lunch break, you can achieve at least a decent 30 minute walk. Not only does this get you out of the office but it’s also been shown to have other significantly great effects for employees. 

Eat the Right Lunch

This may seem like a more obvious suggestion but packing the right lunch can make a huge difference in your productivity at work and can also prevent you from feeling sleepy at your desk. 

Stand Instead of Sitting

If you have the option of a standing desk, take advantage of it. Many companies are now trying to include standing desks in their offices and it’s a great way to take a break from constantly sitting. Here is a really informative article with all the benefits that standing at work has for your health.

Many modern business centers nowadays come equipped with a fully functional gym and often employers offer a free fitness membership as a perk of employment. It is well documented that healthier employees are absent less often, so this is a win, win all around!


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