Make Sure to Remember These 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks!

With spring cleaning just around the corner, you are probably beginning to gather your cleaning supplies and decide on when you should do your cleaning. If you are super organized, you may even be making a list of everything you need to clean in your home. Over the year and especially during the winter when your family spends plenty of time indoors, dust and other allergens can crop up in your home. While you are busy washing your curtains, scrubbing your floors and going through overflowing closets, make sure that you take time to remember these five oft-forgotten spring cleaning tasks.


Baseboards are major areas for dust to build up. While you may mainly think of cleaning horizontal surfaces, know that vertical surfaces also collect dust and allergens especially due to air flow through vents and cold air returns. Use a damp cloth, a duster or a vacuum attachment to clean the baseboards and your vacuum’s angled attachment to clean the carpet directly next to the baseboards.


With cupboard doors closed most of the time, you would not think that your shelves would get very dirty. However, poorly fitting doors and everyday activities do let dust into these spots. Use a microfiber cloth to clean each shelf and use wood polish to make cupboard doors shine. Also, be sure not to forget about the tops of your tall kitchen cupboards, which can be major hiding places for thick layers of dust.

Ceiling Fans and Lights

As you work your way around each room, do not forget to look straight up at your light fixtures and fans. Use a small step stool to reach them, or use a duster with a long attachment. Clean fan blades can improve the air quality in your home, and clean light fixtures can improve the amount of light that you get in each room.


Even when they are covered thoroughly with mattress pads, your mattresses can collect dust, which can lead to real dust mites crawling through your bed. Rather than getting creeped out, use your vacuum to suck away all of the offending dust, and wash every part of your bedding. Be sure to flip your mattress and your springs to get the dust from all sides.

Outdoor Wood

Make sure that you head outside as part of your spring cleaning checklist. This is the time to make sure that everything is ready to go for the nicer months. You should especially check wooden items, such as your firewood pile, deck and wooden porch grating, for signs of pests that may be using your wood for a delicious nibble. If you notice anything suspicious, call in a professional pest exterminating company like American Pest Control Inc.

Without the proper attention, these five areas can quickly become hotbeds for dust bunnies, allergens, dust mites and pest infestations. While many cleaning tasks around your home can be taken care of by yourself, be sure to call in a professional for long-forgotten needs that could spell disaster to your home without expert guidance. This spring, make your home comfortable, safe and fresh once again.

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