How to Maximize Your Lunch Hour: 3 Tips

You should know that how you spend your lunch hour will affect your productivity for the remaining part of the day. How you spend your lunch hour will determine how quickly you can start after you get on your desk, how effective you can be for the first hour, and the feeling you get for the afternoon.

If you find it hard to concentrate on your afternoon work, luckily, you can find information on various ways to improve your day. You can also learn how to make your environment conducive to creativity.

The lunch should give you the same treatment – although it will depend on how you maximize it. In this article, we gathered three exciting tips on how to maximize your lunch hour break.

1. Create a Relaxing Routine

Most companies offer the employees a regular lunch hour. If you don’t have that in your company, find time for lunch. You can schedule a break of 30 minutes to one hour off to take your lunch. It depends on what you do.

If you are working, remember that the company uses an employee time clock to maximize its employees’ time. So, no option for lateness to get back to work.

In addition, you have to maximize your lunch hour. At the office, create a system in place where colleagues can help in your absence. Sometimes, it will be a hassle for you to unwind when worried about those who need you. When gone, allow the office people to contact you in an emergency event and the people they can talk to during your absence. And that’s how you can maximize your lunch break in your absence in the office.

2. Recharge During the Lunch Break

There are many ways to maximize your lunch break. The second best way to maximize your lunch hour is to bring food and drinks from home. If you are to buy from a fast food place or restaurant, you will have to queue as you wait to be served.

An advantage of bringing lunch from home is that you eat a quality meal and save time. The type of food you eat at lunch matters. Loading up with unhealthy foods won’t make you feel refreshed when you get back to the office. Avoid eating sugary or processed food, and focus on healthy vegetables, fruits, and lean protein to get enough energy.

Another thing to do is ditching your screens. Social media and other things you will access with your smartphone can be stressful. Besides, you stare at your screen while at work; therefore, your eyes will need a break. During lunch hour, it’s a good time to power down your phone. You only have to use the phone when necessary.

After you eat lunch, take a walk for at least 10 minutes. That helps you recharge before you get back to the office.

3. Do Productive Things

Lastly, for you to maximize your lunch hour, reassess and prioritize your day. During lunch hour, you should take that time to figure out how to complete the rest of the day. After you work hard in the office all day, you should use the lunch hour and look over what to do and create a plan.

Another thing you can do is to interact with other workers. Take your lunch as an opportunity to get an invaluable networking opportunity. You can also take the lunch hour to enjoy yourself with a co-worker or friend you want to know well. Sometimes, branching out to meet new people at the office can be advantageous to your career.

However, don’t run errands each day. You must take the lunch break and unwind as well.

The Bottom Line

Years ago, workers would sit down, relax and eat a healthy meal for lunch. That was when there were no cell phones, marathon errand lists, emails, or social media accounts to access. Unlike today, your midday breather is full of tasks, stress, and limitless priorities of lists.

Nevertheless, when you get time to eat lunch, you load your body with fatty, salty, and high caloric foods. You need to change that habit. Follow the above tips to help maximize your lunch hour break.


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