7 Cool Outdoor Excursions You Can Do With Your Kids

As time continues to flow, technology continues to develop as well. A lot of kids these days will grow up with technologies that we never experienced during our childhood.

But despite the fact that we want to develop both as a society and as individuals, it doesn’t mean that we have to lose our appreciation for simple things. The simple things would be like getting out and going on outdoor excursions. 

Since your kids will experience more conveniences available in the comforts of their homes, it’ll be a lot more challenging to get them to go outdoors. Therefore, you should be more deliberate about holding outdoor excursions that you can do with your kids. 

That said, we have listed down seven outdoor activities that you can do with your kids:


One of the most straightforward outdoor excursions that your kids can do with you would be hiking. There are plenty of hiking trails that are easy enough for your kids but can still offer fantastic sights that you can enjoy.

Involving your kids with the preparations before the hiking trip itself will make them feel more interested in the journey.

When buying their equipment, like hiking shoes or hiking poles, make sure that you bring them with you. Let them choose what they want so that they feel like they’re an actual part of the trip instead of a passenger getting dragged along.

One cool way to make a hike even more attractive to your kids is by giving them a camera and let them take their pictures while hiking. It will be interesting to see what pictures they take during the hike, as well as discover what piqued their interest.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is another exciting activity that you can do with your kids. However, it would be best if you have a lot of experience before bringing your kids to this activity. After all, rock climbing requires quite a bit of equipment to get started. 

It’s better to go rock climbing with your kids if they’re much older. You can introduce rock climbing to younger kids if you do it in a safe, indoor rock climbing gym.

Kayaking and rafting

If you plan on going kayaking and rafting with kids, make sure that you only do this in calm waters. Plus, the adult-to-children ratio should be 1:2 when you’re going kayaking or rafting.

It is also important that you have experience in kayaking and rafting before bringing the kids along.

Doing these precautions will ensure that your kids will enjoy going on a water-based adventure without compromising their safety.


Fishing is another outdoor excursion that your kid can quickly get into, especially if you go in quiet streams or mountain lakes.

Fishing gives you the chance to teach your kids patience, as well as the ethics of letting fish go if they’re too small.

When your kids manage to catch their first fish, it will feel rewarding, especially when you also help them prepare and eat the fish that they find. 


When it comes to outdoor activities, canyoneering is as outdoorsy as it gets.

To help your kids get acquainted with the practice of canyoneering, make sure you equip them with the right tools. 

If you want, you can start by taking a canyoneering guided tour with your kids. After all, one of the most critical parts of canyoneering is knowledge of the area.


Kids love adventure, and nothing will scream adventure more than rappelling.

Since your kids are less likely to have experience in rappelling, you should start them off with tandem rappelling. Once they get the hang of things, you can start teaching them to repeal on their own.

Water tubing

Another thing that kids love doing is splashing around in the water. Therefore, if you want to include them in outdoor excursions, you might want to get them to try water tubing

Water tubing isn’t complicated, but it still has that level of fun and acceleration. Before you go water tubing, make sure that your equipment matches the age of your child. 

Over to You

Letting your kids enjoy outdoor excursions while they’re young will give them an excellent foundation to continue enjoying the outdoors even as they grow older.

From being at home to staying in school, a lot of their hours and days are indoors. Therefore, it’s vital for their development that you take them outdoors every once in a while.

Hopefully, you incorporate some of these outdoor excursions above try them out with your kids the next time you’re on a family trip. Not only will it get your kids outdoors, but it’s also a great time to bond with them.

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