5 Unique Ways to Get Your Child to Have Fun Outdoors

Between the TV, video games and mobile devices, your child may be spending too much time in the house. Getting children to stay outside more is only effective if they enjoy what they do. Exposure to the outdoor environment is good for your child’s health. They get some Vitamin D from the sun, not to mention the outdoor is great for physical and mental well-being. An added advantage is that you can prevent kids from making a mess in the house. Coming up with activities that will spark excitement requires a bit of creativity but here are a few.

1) Arts and Crafts

Building objects with your child can provide excellent bonding opportunities, and the little one also learns a few skills. Kids can make all kinds of things since all they need are supplies. miniandmaximus.com is a good place to get craft materials for children of different ages. In fall, you can buy paper that children can use to make DIY cards by sticking leaves on them. Get a pottery kit and teach your child how to create various items.

2) A Photo Walk

One way to ignite creativity in your child is to introduce them to photography. Going around the neighbourhood taking photos of everything can be fun for both parent and child. If a camera is available, that’s good. However, if one is not present, use your mobile phone. Photo walks are a chance to find out if your little one may be interested in photography or other artistic endeavours. You can also use these walks to visit local attractions. Go to the park and let your child take shots of the different plants and animals around. Venture beyond the park and see historical places if there are some.

3) The Little Explorer

For the curious soul that loves to rummage through every room, an exploration adventure would be perfect for some outdoor fun. You can task your child with finding items in the backyard and identifying them. Leaves, plants and rocks are some of the items that you can send them to find. The exploration doesn’t have to be limited to your home. Take children to a nearby park and allow them to discover nature. This activity can be a great learning opportunity, particularly for pre-schoolers and those who are just joining school.

4) Home Fishing

Do you want your young one to learn fishing at an early age? Begin at home. You don’t have to take your son or daughter to a lake to teach fishing. Set up a pond in your backyard with a container and water. Fill the makeshift pond with different items, which your child has to try and catch. Besides feeling like an adventure, your child can know how to hold the ‘rod’ and other fishing tricks that will be useful when trying the real thing. If possible, you can build an actual pond in the compound where a child can rear fish.

5) Classic Activities

What are some of the games that you couldn’t stop playing as a kid? Sticking with the classics sometimes is the best way to lure children outdoors. Buy a hula hoop for the children to dance with. Bubble blowing never goes out of style. The kids get to run around as they chase bubbles, which is good exercise. Flying kites is another classic outdoor activity. Collect materials around the house and teach children how to make kites. Watch them as they release the kites into the air and run after them.

Children in today’s world spend a lot of time indoors, and one reason for that is the increased usage of devices. By giving your children an activity that is equally or more fun than their indoor hobbies, you can get them to enjoy the outdoors, which benefits them greatly.

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  1. These are some great ideas! I can’t wait for spring to get out with my nephew and spend some hours in the fresh air!

  2. Fun ideas! My daughter loves to be outside, so I don’t have to work as hard with her. My son on the other hand? He’d prefer to play video games all day.

  3. These are some amazing ways to get kids outdoors and having fun! There is so much fun to be had in the great world out there it is a shame to stay indoors.

  4. These are all awesome tips and suggestion. I have really learned a lot. I think kids should spend more time outdoors than indoors.

  5. Kids these days are more into gadgets and computers inside the house. These are all brilliant ideas for them to do outdoors.

  6. We used to love going outside to play! We would play tag with our neighbors or go down to the stream nearby to explore. We had a video game console growing up but our parents imposed pretty strict time limits. We pretty much preferred being outside, anyway.

  7. I love these ideas – especially the Photo Walk idea. I always have my camera with me, so I’d love to do that with our daughter when she’s older!

  8. We save the boxes our shipments come in and then send the kids out back with markers and scissors (older ones of course) and they build all sorts of things like spaceships, forts and cars. So much fun!

  9. I think my daughter would really love the photography one . It wont be the same as she’s not so little any more. But she would still appreciate going out there and finding some unique photos to take.

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