4 Memorable Family Activities Every Child and Adult Will Love

Finding family activities that both children and adults love is sometimes harder than you might think. While you may not mind sitting through a kid’s movie, there’s only so many that you can watch. Your children might also get a little stir-crazy during the summer months, and pulling teens and tweens away from their electronics can take some serious creative thought. Fortunately, your family doesn’t have to sit around being bored for long when you plan these four activities that everyone will love.

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Listening to live music outside is a completely different experience compared to what you get at an indoor venue. Look for outdoor concert venues near you to find a band that fits your family’s musical preferences. Or, your local community might be hosting a small music festival that encourages your family to get outside and sing along with your neighbors. Either way, your kids will love the feeling of freedom that comes from listening to live music in a wide open area.

Go White Water Rafting

Kids and teens are naturally drawn to the water, but going to the local swimming pool can quickly get boring. A white water rafting experience is filled with thrills, and you can find adventures that are designed for even beginner rafters. Paddling down a rapidly flowing river not only gives your kids the chance to master some new skills, but your family might also experience a few wildlife sightings as well. Being able to go back to school with stories about how they saw a bighorn sheep or even a bear while they battled the rapids gives your kids some serious cool points.

Participate In a Charitable Marathon

Teaching your kids to give back to their community doesn’t always have to involve food drives and school fundraisers. Instead, you can combine family fun with some beautiful life lessons by signing your group up for a charity event. To get the most out of this event, look for a marathon that fits your family’s general athletic abilities and age. If your kids are really small, then a walk-a-thon might be the best option since they are typically stroller-friendly.

Watch a Meteor Shower

There are multiple meteor showers that happen throughout the year, and your kids will get excited to see so many shooting stars. The Perseids are one of the most popular showers that peaks in early August, but you can also find others that don’t always require a telescope to view. If there isn’t a shower happening during nights when your calendar is free, you can still do some stargazing. Just set out a blanket or hang out in your hammocks and spend the night teaching your kids how to find the constellations.


As you plan your upcoming activities, consider inviting a few extended family members along. Bringing a grandparent or cousin into the fun adds to the excitement, and you’ll find that the more truly is merrier when it comes to making memories. Whether you’re rounding out your summer plans or looking for something to do this weekend, getting everyone out of their comfort zone is the perfect way to spend your day.

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