Time to Upgrade? Save Big on a LG Combination Double Wall Oven at Best Buy

LG Combination Double Wall Oven in kitchen showcase

LG combination double wall oven. Let those words sink in for a second. If you’ve done any amount of cooking for parties or the holidays, you know that one oven rarely cuts it. Even with slow cookers and pressure cookers at the ready, there are still tons of dishes that require an oven. That means the dreaded “oven shuffle” for those of us who like to cook. You know the shuffle.

You have two or three different dishes to cook in the oven. Cooking them at the same time is out because they require two different temperatures. You have to cook one, then cook the other while trying to keep the first one warm. Then you have to hope they are both at a nice temperature when it’s time to eat in spite of the shuffle. It’s a pain. Thankfully you can leave that all behind with the LG combination double wall oven available at Best Buy. 

LG Combination Double Wall Oven – Quality, Convenience, and Style

The thing I love about the LG combination double wall oven is that it makes cooking simple. Its versatile design convection heating means you can cook foods fast, well, and leave the “oven shuffle” behind. Plus, it looks sharp, which I like. The kitchen is the heart of the house, and I like to keep it looking as stylish as possible. With this double wall oven, you can have it all, and LG is a great brand, to boot, so you know you’re getting quality. 

Cut Cooking Time in Half

LG TurboCook Speed Oven gives you the speed of a microwave with the quality of convection cooking. You can bake whole chickens, potatoes, pizzas, and a lot more with no preheating. Zero. Zilch. It cooks at speeds that are two to four times faster than a traditional oven, which means easier planning and time management, which I love. 

True Convection

LG’s True Convection cooking technology offers precise heat for crispy food that isn’t overdone, underdone, or dry. This technology evenly distributes continual heat with pinpoint accuracy that always ensures perfectly cooked food. 

Style, Baby

I love form and function, and LG has that in spades,. Its Black Stainless Steel series gives a sharp, clean look without being too cold. It takes traditional stainless steel and kicks it up with a satin-like, smooth, warm finish that goes with any kitchen look. 

LG Combination Double Wall Oven Deal

Now through March 6th, 2019 at Best Buy, you can save $500.00 with the purchase of a 5-piece LG Kitchen Package. It’s the perfect time to replace those old, dated appliances that are causing you more headache than they’re worth. Head over to Best Buy and take advantage of this deal. Leave the “oven shuffle” behind. 

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  1. Having a kitchen like this is my dream, but my house is small and it would not be there, but it does not mean that some elements like the oven could take them!

  2. Man, id love a double wall oven. When we buy are home my plan is to build/make my own kitchen

  3. Awesome kitchen and great double wall oven.I love that you can bake whole chickens and potatoes at speeds that are two to four times faster than a traditional oven. This really helps with planning and time management.

  4. Wow that double wall oven sounds really awesome! I wish I can have one just like this someday.

  5. I love this! Only in Europe (so far) have I seen double wall ovens… it seems the norm here. I love the idea of two ovens. At first I thought it was excessive, but now that I’ve used them I can honestly sa they’re great. Cook dinner and bake dessert at the same time. Make oats for breakfast while getting some fries ready. I mean, it’s kind of awesome.

  6. I love a double wall oven! It is such a clean look and offers so much function.

  7. This oven sounds amazing and I love the idea of being able to cook at different temperatures. It would be very useful.

  8. We’ve always had a double oven and I couldn’t imagine my kitchen without it. You really can’t underestimate what a difference two ovens can make.

  9. This is a lovely kitchen with a double wall oven. I definitely love this. Thanks for sharing.

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