Birthday Bashes: Throwing Your Kids the Perfect Party

You want to be the perfect parent, so your child needs the perfect birthday party. The trick is to come up with a unique idea that everyone else has not already done while sticking to a budget. Secondly, you need to find the time to accomplish it all. Here are some tips for throwing the perfect birthday party. 

Start Early

While you may wonder how hard it can be to order a cake, blow up some balloons and invite everyone to hang out at your house, parents should start planning a birthday party about eight weeks ahead of time. Start by talking to your child about a theme that they would like for their party. You can then base the games, decor and cake around that theme. Once you and your child have agreed on the theme remind your child that you are starting to work on their party, so they cannot change their minds. 

Select a Venue

Often times, by the time that you figure out the cost of decorations, refreshments and activities, it is as cheap to rent a venue than to host the party at your house. Choose a venue that fits with the theme and has not been used by everyone else. For example, if you have a son who loves to go camping, then think about hosting it at a nearby state park or if you have a daughter who adores horses, then call the local stable. The result of hosting your party at a venue is often that they take care of the decorations and activities. They may also provide you with the birthday party entertainment.

Pick a Time

A child’s birthday party should be no longer than 90 minutes. Pick the time when your child will be well rested avoiding emotional meltdowns because they are sleepy. While you will want extra adults on hand to help with the children, remember that you are giving a birthday party for your child so keep everything child-friendly. Regardless of the time that you host the party, not everyone will be able to come. 

Choose the Food

Unless the venue is furnishing the food, then choose foods that are child-friendly and go with the theme of the party. For instance, if you have a little princess, consider making fruit kabobs and cutting a melon star for the tip. Fix some peanut butter sandwiches and cut them out in a theme to go with the party by using cookie cutters. 

The best children’s birthday parties focus on the child. Incorporate their own ideas into the party with help from places like They will feel like a star for the day when you throw them their own birthday party.

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