Wardrobe Essentials to Pack for Your Winter Road Trip

Can’t wait for the vacations to start? Road trip plans intact? Well then, this calls for a lot of preparations. From getting your vehicle checked by the mechanic to packing up all the essential items, you need to make a huge list and tackle all the tasks one step at a time.

Since you plan to make the road trip during the winter season, the one thing you will need to pay most attention to is what clothes you take along with you. If you are not equipped with the right gear, you won’t be able to enjoy anything as your time will be spent shivering.

With comfy wardrobe at your disposal, you will remain toasty within yourself and have an excellent time sightseeing inside as well as outside the car! So here is a detailed list of all the wardrobe essentials you need to pack for the road trip this winter holiday.

1.  Inner Layering

The very first investment you need to make is in quality inner wear or the base layering. The best material for this kind of clothing is synthetic or wool fabrics. Polyester, microfiber, and polyethylene are some of the best innerwear fabrics that you could get your hands on. This is one place you should not save, instead get the best quality in the market. Remember, you don’t have to get anything fancy, as these clothes won’t be visible.

When it comes to size, be sure to have one that fits you well and hugs your curves. This will ensure that no bitter winds find their way to your exposed body parts. 2 pairs of long sleeved tops along with 2 pairs of wool leggings are going to be enough if the trip is 10-15 days long. You might need more if you plan to vacation longer.  

2.  The Outer Wear

Now, these are the clothes that’ll make you look stylish. Yes, your coats, jackets, cardigans, and sweaters will be the ones everyone will see you in. And most importantly your outerwear choice can make or break your vacation. Why? Well, the pictures of course!

Okay, so the question is – what should you buy?

One most important thing that you need to be prepared for is rains! For this, you will need one raincoat or poncho. These are going to keep you safe from getting your expensive cardigan damaged and will also protect you from harsh winds.

A winter coat or jacket is must along with three or four sweaters/cardigans. The leather coat or jacket is meant to be extra protection so be sure to get one that is a war for the chilly wind. You can also get hoodies if that is your style. Other than cardigans you will need to get a handful of shirts, be they tees or high necks. High necks are preferable because they give you protection from the cold and also add style to your overall look.

For lower body, get warm pants as jeans will not be able to handle low temperatures. If on the other hand, you plan to wear a dress or skirt, you can buy leggings or thick stockings created especially for the winter season.

3.  Socks and Shoes

For most people, winters are all about socks. If you go without proper warm socks, your feet will be numb, and the entire trip will be ruined. Keep in mind that you might have to climb hills or walk through water, which means that you need more than 3-4 pairs of socks. So keep at least 5 pairs and these need to be ones that are made out of wool, not cotton. Woolen socks are the only ones that can give absolute safety from cold. If you are sure that you will end up in water, invest in water-resistant socks.

As for shoes, get boots. The primary thing that you need to be concerned about is being comfortable, and there is nothing more comfortable than boots. Don’t get fancy ones that are only good for the streets of a suburb, but rather hardcore ones that will get you through all kinds of terrains. Just get ones that not only fit well but do not cause any sort of irritation.  

4.  Hats and Gloves

Hats and gloves are the charms of winter! They help you create a style of your own and make your individualistic fashion statement. Now is the time to show off your fashion sense. You can buy any kind of gloves (albeit warm ones) that you like. Leather, fur, and knit gloves are some options that you can look into.

When it comes to hats, get woolen ones. Beanies are just perfect because they are useful and the cutest! And the variety in beanies is enormous – you can find a variety of colors and designs. Be sure to check out which ones suit your look and taste.

5.  Scarves

Investing in woolen scarves is up to you. If you like them and think they will suit you, then get some. They do help in keeping you warm and look very sophisticated. Knitted scarves are colorful and available in all sizes and designs. The best part, they are available at very cheap rates too!

6.  Accessories

When it comes to accessories, you can get whatever you want. From cufflinks to bandanas, jewelry to handbags, accessories are up to you and your individual style. Just remember you are going on a road trip, so you need to possess items that are comfortable and even allow you to sleep in them. Remember you might need to sleep in what you wear, so comfort is the top priority.

One more thing to invest in is a good watch. Waterproof one is going to come in real handy so get one of those if you can. Bon Voyage!

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