Acne Scars: Do They Go Away?

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Acne scars might be much more upsetting than active breakouts. Acne scars, while unsightly, are treatable. New breakouts can result in new acne scars. Thus they must be eliminated before therapy can begin. If you want professional guidance on how to treat your imperfections, you can visit a dermatological clinic like the Sozo Aesthetic Clinic.

The inflammation induced by acne breakouts can also limit the efficacy of the scar treatments below, and some of them cannot be taken in conjunction with standard acne drugs.

This section will give you a high-level overview of the various scars and the necessary therapies for each. You must read this entire thing to the conclusion.

Types of acne scars

Depending on how severe the acne scars are, various treatments may be more or less effective.

Atrophic scars

In appearance, these scars are raised bumps on the skin. These are the various forms of atrophic scars:


These scars are deep and U-shaped, with pointed ends. It’s up to you whether they’re shallow or deep. As their depth decreases, their responsiveness to skin resurfacing procedures increases.

Ice pick

Scars with the shape of an ice pick are typically thin and deep Vs. Often resembling a chickenpox scar, these lesions can be either round or oval. Because they can go so deep into the skin, these scars are the most challenging to cure.


These deep craters have rolled, uneven appearance and rounded corners. They manifest themselves when an inadequate supply of fibroblasts hampers the skin’s healing process. Collagen production and wound healing depend on fibroblasts.

Hypertrophic or raised acne scars

Back and chest acne often leaves behind permanent scars. They are raised because too much collagen is produced while the skin is mending. Once a pimple has healed, the discoloration it leaves behind isn’t considered a scar. Color changes from purple, red, or brown to lighter shades will occur naturally over a few months.

Keloid scars

Hypertrophic scars are comparable to acne scars, except they become thicker with time. They frequently get darker than the surrounding skin due to hyperpigmentation. They could be either red or brown. Sometimes there’s discomfort or itching as well.

Treatments for your scars

There are a lot of treatments you can find today, but you have to ensure that it is appropriate for your skin. Here are some treatments available.

Alpha hydroxy acids

As they are effective at sloughing off dead skin and keeping pores unclogged, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are commonly included in acne treatments. Plus, acne scars can be camouflaged with the use of AHAs. The gentle acid helps exfoliate the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of roughness and discoloration.

Recommended for: any acne scars


Scars can be minimized by using a topical retinoid, one method of treating acne. Retinoids not only improve the skin’s texture and speed up cell regeneration but also lessen the appearance of scars and discoloration. However, they may increase sun sensitivity. When using retinol-containing products, daily sunscreen use is a must.

You can get retinoid lotions and serums without a prescription, and your doctor may prescribe stronger versions. Try to find solutions that include retinol in their list of ingredients. In cases of scar depression or atrophic skin, this is your best option.

Salicylic acid

You may have tried salicylic acid for your acne before. Nowadays, you can find it in about every type of acne treatment imaginable, from pads to spot treatments to lotions to face cleansers. When used topically, salicylic acid exfoliates the skin, decreases inflammation and redness, and unclogs pores. It’s one of the top options for getting rid of acne scars. You can use salicylic acid products daily, and your dermatologist may recommend them for occasional chemical peels.

In some cases, taking salicylic acid may take up to four weeks before any noticeable results are seen. Dryness and discomfort are also possible side effects. You may need to apply the cream less frequently or attempt spot treatment if you have sensitive skin.

Excellent for: any traces of acne


Regarding removing face scars, dermabrasion is a popular and highly successful option. Medical practitioners use more powerful devices to accomplish the same goal as at-home microdermabrasion kits: removing the top layer of dead skin. It is a top choice for fresh scars like boxcars and rolling scars. On the other hand, deeper spots may fade over time.

Chemical peels

In diminishing the appearance of deeper scars, the outer layer of skin may be removed with a chemical peel, performed using a powerful acid. Milder chemical peels can be done at home, but it’s best to see a doctor or other medical professional who can provide a more potent remedy for more significant changes. You should see a doctor before deciding on a chemical peel. Highly effective for all acne scars, especially deeper ones.


Medical practitioners use fillers to hide imperfections like acne scars and make the skin look smoother. Collagen, adipose, or synthetic filler can all be used to create the implants. Subcutaneous injections of these fillers assist and elevate depressed scars and even out the skin’s texture. Some fillers are permanent, whereas the majority must be repeated every 6-18 months.

Those with only a few boxcars or rolling scars will benefit the most.

Final Thoughts

Many therapies can reduce acne scars. Most scars are irreversible, but a doctor can help you choose a treatment that minimizes them. Less acne means fewer scars. No matter how tempting, avoid picking, popping, or squeezing breakouts to avoid irritating the skin and injuring the underlying tissue, which can cause scarring.

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