How to Share Your Hobbies with Your Children


Many parents have hobbies that they thoroughly enjoy, but they feel as though their hobbies pull them away from their family. After all, time is often in short supply. Likewise, many parents also feel that the family does not spend enough quality time together. Even if you gather together for movie night or are often together on the couch, you may not be actively engaging each other. If you can relate to these challenges, getting your children involved in a hobby that you love may be a smart idea. Follow these tips to encourage your children’s engagement.

Get Your Children Excited

Regardless of whether your hobby is gardening, fishing, baking, photography or something else, you must first get your children excited about what you would like them to do. For example, show your children all of the cool effects that lighting has on images.

Show your children some photos of delicious desserts that you may bake with them. If you simply tell your children that they are going to join you in the kitchen, on the boat or in another area for quality time, they understandably may not be thrilled about it. However, you can build up to the moment so that they are actually asking you if they can get involved.

Choose Appropriate Hobbies

Before you invite your children to join you, ensure that the activity is age-appropriate and that your children have the skills necessary. Otherwise, ensure that your children can otherwise easily learn the skills that you will need to teach them. For example, while you may be able to easily teach a young child to stir cake batter in a bowl, asking them to make beautiful fondant decorations is not reasonable.

Focus on Safety

Some hobbies can be dangerous in different ways. For example, fishing on a boat can expose a child to noxious gas if the engine is not well-maintained. Children should have a safety vest, UV protection and basic skills related to hooks and lines before they get out on a rocking boat. Think about all of the possible risks and hazards associated with your hobby, and try to determine ways to make the activity safer.

Make It Fun

You obviously are thrilled about introducing your children to a hobby that you love, but you should introduce them to the activity in a way that is fun and enjoyable for them. Whether it’s teaching them all things about cars and Cantune or the nitty-gritty work associated with gardening. Younger children, however, may be more interested in planting a single seed and watching that small plant grow and flower. Your activity should not seem like work to them. Eventually, you may introduce them to more physically-demanding aspects of the hobby, but that is not a way to get them interested in it initially.

These tips can help you to introduce your hobby to your children. Remember, however, that everyone is different. There is always a chance that they may not love your activity as much as you do.

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