3 Awesome Hobbies for Your Thrill-Seeking Child

Finding hobbies or extracurricular activities that your children will be passionate and enthusiastic about is more challenging for some parents than for others. Many children are perfectly happy playing on a neighborhood sports team or learning how to play a musical instrument. Others, however, live for big thrills and thrive on rushes of adrenaline. For these children, common activities can seem dull. If your child has tried other more common activities and hobbies without much luck, these are some other less common activities that may be better suited for thrill-seekers.

Go-Kart Racing

Go-karts have been a great side interest for many children, teens, and adults for decades. It is common for people to initially get interested in go-karting by driving around a local track in a rental vehicle and then investing in their own go-kart for cruising around the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Some even take this hobby to the next level by competing in go-kart races at various levels as their experience and skills grow. To determine your child’s interest level, visit a local track to get your child behind the wheel of a rental vehicle. Based on his or her initial experience, consider purchasing a starter vehicle and basic kart equipment.

ATV Trail Riding

An alternative to go-kart racing is to go trail riding in an ATV. ATVs are usually three-wheel or four-wheel vehicles, and they are available in a wide range of styles and sizes with different performance capabilities. In many areas, there are at least a few off-road trails that are suitable for ATV riding. These trails usually have many hills and bumpy terrain that can make it fun to travel across. Muddy trails after a rainstorm can add to the thrill for some riders.


A more affordable hobby or activity that may be equally as thrilling is skateboarding. This is an ideal activity for amateurs to get started at home. As your child’s skills develop, you can take him or her to a few local skate parks for more thrills. Keep in mind that there are major competitions with huge skateboarding stars that your child may be able to look up to as interest grows in the activity.

Common extracurricular activities are popular with many children, but some children may be more excited about activities that offer additional thrills and higher levels of excitement than the typical activities offer. With these or other adventurous activities, remember to outfit your child with proper safety gear to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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