How to Get Your Kids to Be Productive During Homework Time

If you can actually get your kids to do their homework, you might find it tends to drag on and on. Like adults, most kids move slower when they face doing something they don’t want to do. Homework is necessary, however, and it needs to be done in a reasonable amount of time. Consider these tips to get your kids to be more productive.

Create Comfort

Stress can cause issues with thinking. Ask your child what will help them to feel more comfortable as they do homework. This could mean lighting the room properly, giving them a pillow or throw to hold in their lap or getting them something to drink. Allow them to set the right atmosphere, within reason, so that they’ll feel better about doing their homework.

Provide Motivation

They say that true motivation comes from within, but kids don’t really understand that well. If you can connect finishing your child’s homework with something they’d enjoy doing, they’ll focus on their homework. Schedule family fun nights so that they begin right after homework is completed. If you have any stragglers, the pressure will be on them to finish as they watch their siblings who are ready for family fun night.

Make It Fun

If your kids are doing math, include beads and other small items that they can group and count. If your kids are involved in an art project, turn on some music. This helps their minds to use the right side of their brains, which is responsible for creativity. Give them a fun or silly activity to do when they finish a task. For instance, let them run around the table squawking like a bird. Get involved in their homework. Kids love that.

Give Your Kids Extra Incentives

There are many interactive games online that are fun and add to the learning experience. If your children’s homework involves math, they can play math games online. If your child needs to do spelling words or reading, they can play an online puzzle game that involves vocabulary. Different internet providers have variable speeds. You’ll want one that can load games quickly. Give your kids some candy or another treat while they do homework. It has been shown that children focus better with gum and other treats.

Work is seldom fun until you learn to turn it into a positive experience. The tips outlined above provide positive ways to complete homework, which helps with teaching your kids valuable life skills.


Contributed by Hannah Whittenly

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