Timber Parquetry Flooring – When Beauty and Versatility is Your Choice

Parquet flooring is an exclusive wooden flooring option that can transform your living place instantly. It is a popular flooring style that gets more fame among house owners due to its versatility and beauty. It is an essential fact that this flooring style is developed by nicely weaving the blocks of natural wood. Every parquet floor is a uniquely crafted masterpiece which will add both tradition and style to your property. This flooring is available in different styles and designs, so you can carefully choose the right one from traditional styles like a square on square and herringbone. You can also go for an entirely pure custom design whether it is classic, funky, or sentimental. Timber parquetry flooring is a highly preferred flooring option that appears to be costly, but the fact is that the installation cost is same as the normal timber floor.

The unique look of this flooring adds better value to the house. Accentuating your parquetry floor with timber is the right way to make your interior floor truly modern and attractive. Durability is the main feature of Timber parquetry flooring that makes it an ideal choice for various heavy traffic regions including steps, commercial interiors, halls and entrance ways.  The timber blocks are manufactured as well as laid separately to develop the selected pattern.

How to Pick the Timber Flooring?

 The universal beauty and soft warmth of timber flooring truly adds class and light to every area with its natural and unique glow. It is a well-known fact that hardwood is always beautiful, so you need to choose the perfect timber flooring option for your house.   Selecting the right flooring is not a simple task because only a few of them might suit your needs. To pick the right one, you can consider the different grain patterns and color options. The important aspects help you to select the right timber floor. Now, the hardwood boards come in both dark and light finishes, in both groove and tongue paneling.

Size is another important aspect that plays a major role in selecting the Timber parquetry flooring. The hardwood boards are available in numerous sizes so you can choose the right board as per your design.   If you want to secure the size of the larger floorboard, you can use the right nailing techniques as well as project-specific glue.

Highlighted Features

  • If a tiny portion is affected, it is replaced easily. The complete floor is restored to the original condition by refinishing and sanding.
  • The timber material has many natural insulation features and properties. It helps timber to lock out heat in extremely summer season and cold in winter season
  • It is non-allergenic as the timber material does not docks dust mites, allergens, and other hassles
  • It is versatile. Timber parquetry flooring is laid in various formations and patterns. It means that this flooring is used in different rooms. Also, it is very durable and stable
  • The high-quality flooring option is lasting for decades.
  • This kind of flooring has unique appearance and design that makes it unique from other kinds of flooring.

Major Benefits

  • Similar price as common timber flooring
  • The finish and look are not only restricted to your thoughts
  • You can easily use various timbers within a single pattern
  • Timber parquetry flooring can truly last for generations
  • Includes timeless appeal and beauty
  • Ideal for heavy traffic regions
  • Simple to maintain
  • This flooring adds better value to the house
  • Offers highly sophisticated look


Timber parquetry flooring features both versatility and beauty that makes it an ideal choice for the people who want to make their residential or commercial property attractive. These specialized features of this flooring help people to get a healthy and sophisticated living.


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