How Are Americans Balancing Work With Parenthood?

Parenthood can be an exciting — albeit tiring — milestone, one that comes with an abundance of joy and love and just as many sleepless nights and soiled diapers. While devotion to your children is paramount, new parents must often continue to work, whether remotely or in an office, at project manager jobs or supervisory positions. These situations can come with unique challenges.

Work-life balance is imperative for new parents, and some companies are putting in the effort to help employees to maintain that balance. Many businesses offer desirable hours and a choice of locations, but some are going beyond that by providing childcare benefits. These benefits can come in the form of a stipend for daycare services or on-site childcare at an office. Businesses are also embracing remote work, giving new parents more flexibility and saving them time on lengthy commutes.

Remote work can be a great way to balance a job and a child, but other factors must be considered, such as business hours. Some companies operate within the typical hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. while other organizations offer flexible start and end times — so long as communication and work ethic stays consistent. A flexible employer could make all the difference in getting kids to and from school and practices on time.

It can be difficult to juggle parenting with childcare while working remotely, but one of the best ways to create a good balance is to designate an office space in the house. If your children are old enough to understand, explain to them that when you’re in this space, you are only to be disturbed in the event of emergencies. Having a kid-free zone can help increase your focus and ensure professionalism in meetings.

Work is important, but so are your kids — make sure that you’re spending just as much time with them as you are landing that next big client or making your workspace tranquil. Schedule family events on the weekends, maintain an integrated work-life calendar and share chores with your co-parent to maximize time with your kids without sacrificing your career ambitions.

With patience, planning, and a positive attitude — not to mention an understanding employer — parents can enjoy time with their kids while still succeeding in their jobs. Check out the accompanying resource for more guidelines on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

This infographic was created by Michael Page, a recruitment agency for project manager jobs


Author bio: Nicole Marie is Senior Content Executive at Michael Page, an international recruiting firm. Before joining the recruitment industry, she worked in media and journalism. She now covers employment trends and insights in a variety of industries such as construction, technology, and marketing.

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