Active Family Holiday Ideas to Add to Your Bucket List  

Kids are dreamers at heart. In their innocence, they believe that a kiss may cure all ailments and a hug may appease all anger. When they dream they look forward to achieving the best result because all they know are that wishes and dreams do come true if you just believe.

For the past years, you may have overheard your kids enumerating adventures to some exotic destinations they’d love to experience together with their siblings or with the whole family. And it made you happy that they dare to dream and include you in them. You may have let it pass and earmarked them for later when the time is right. A time which you plan on working to have soon.

That time is approaching, and you know it’s now the right time to talk to them about the dream vacations and holidays you’ve overheard them wishing for. That way you can plan your upcoming holiday with them and scout for other options if the choices they present are impossible to reach.

Encourage them to share their dream places to go and what they would like you to do together. Then you all organize, prioritize and work out a plan to make them into fun budget-friendly goals. Kids will find it fun and exciting to come plan holidays with you and they will feel so much loved that their contributions count.

Some active family holiday ideas to add to your bucket list if you run out and still have some room to improve your upcoming holiday.

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country in the eastern Himalayas both in geography and population. The influence of the Indian Monsoon dominates the climate making March to May the best months for a Bhutan trekking holiday as well as September and October. Every trekking group will have their own staff including a camping assistant, cook, guide, horsemen and horses to carry essential supplies. Bhutan is not really a popular tourist destination. Tea houses like the ones that are populating Nepal’s trails are non-existent because generally the trails are only used by the local settlements that are sparsely spread across Bhutan’s countryside. Tourists are far in between that is why Bhutan is more preferred by those seeking the mountains to enjoy its solitude.

These are the greatest treks that Bhutan offers;   

The 8-day popular Jhomolhari Trek which is a moderately challenging trek spanning Bhonte La pass and Tak-hung La pass which presents the spectacular views of Mt. Jomolhari. Mount Jomolhari, is known as the “Bride of Kangchenjunga” and links the border of Bhutan and Tibet. Jomolhari celebrates the annual Mountain Festival on different times of the year honoring the local culture of the small villages around its base.

The 6 days Druk Path Trek a fairly short introduction to Trekking in Bhutan. Covering Paro and over the mountains to Thimphu through alpine forests abounding with pines and dwarf rhododendrons and dotted with alpine lakes filled with large trout. This route offers an excellent view of Mount Gangkar Puensum, Bhutan’s tallest peak, one of the highest unclimbed mountains in the world.

Other treks are the 25 days Snowman Trek, one of the most famous in Bhutan, also one of the most difficult in the world, traversing the mountain ranges from Paro to Lunana in northern Bhutan. The best time for this trek is October.  The 9 days Duer Hot Springs Trek and the 6 days Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek which are both challenging routes and overlap with some of the routes for the Snowman Trek.

Ski Touring in the French Alps   

One of the most popular tourist destinations today the French Alps offers the adventurous tourists the opportunity to carve their own trail as they steadily climb upwards the steep ridges of the Alps. Most tourists who already conquered this ski route revel in the satisfaction of reaching the summit on their own pace. The descent is another exhilarating experience the wild and silent landscape add a mysterious feature to the course. Going ski touring is one of the best ways for many to reconnect with nature.

But before attempting all these you must learn the basic ropes of skiing with a guide. Good skiers flock to the mountains of Savoie Mont Blanc every winter. The route here is one of the best off the beaten track ski tour. Expert skills in reading snowpack to avoid the dangers they pose including mountain weather and map reading are needed to become an effective skier and enjoy a skiing trek. Carrying a probe and a snow shovel, an avalanche beacon, and a mobile phone is always a prudent thing to do.

Ski mountaineering competitions like the prestigious and legendary Pierra Menta in Savoie Mont Blanc is held every March hosted by the Beaufortain hosts. Professionals skiers and amateurs of all ages compete to the cheer of tourists and their own supporters.

Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

A UNESCO world heritage-listed natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef is a wonderful sliver of ocean dotted with reefs and beaches that span one part of the Queensland shoreline of Queensland from the tip of Cape York in the north to Bundaberg. Lady Elliot and Heron islands are at the southernmost end. Heading north are the popular starting points Airlie Beach, Townsville, and Cairns for reef explorations.

Most tourists often forget to leave Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands during their entire holiday. They found out too late that it takes a million hours to fully explore the wonders of the Whitsunday Archipelago with its plethora of 74 islands that are entirely taken up by exotic jungles. For the classy tourists, there is the ritzy Bob Oatley Hamilton Island with offerings of uninhabited isles bordered by breath-taking coral reefs and pristine beaches.

Often called the gateway to Whitsundays, Airlie Beach, offers tropical treasures that tourists on the economy budget range will find pleasurable. You can take day trips to the reefs and islands or relax and swim at its manmade lagoon. You can also lounge on a deckchair while viewing the dramatic rainforest- and reef coastline on a balcony of a double-story hotel and revel in the sea breeze blowing from the beach front.

There is the Palm Bay Resort where you can catch one of the world’s best sunrise or sunset. It has Balinese-style villas and suites as well as hammocks out in the beach front which also serve as a perfect getaway from the bustle of people inside the hotel premises. You must source out provisions because this is a self-catering establishment. There is a communal kitchen where guests can cook meals.

Or you can take a high-speed catamaran at Port of Airlie, to dive, snorkel or just take a day-trip to a pontoon anchored at Hardy Reef. You can also scuba dive, swim or at the Whitsunday Island.

Hopefully, this post has filled you with inspiration to start planning your next trip, if so, check out my guide here for some great advice to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch.

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