No Money No Problem: Budget Friendly Vacations

Every one of us wants to get away for a while every now and then. Most people love exploring new countries and getting to know different cultures and experiencing various adventures. But many times our budget gets in the way. Our wishes turn out to be unrealistic and we are forced to settle in the end.

But what if there are really cool places in the world that you could visit and enjoy with a modest budget? Those places do exist, here are some of them. All you need to do is to pick and choose one.

1. Guadalajara, Mexico

This beautiful town, located between the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range and Oblatos Canyon, is an incredible mix of tradition and avant-garde. You may enjoy the modern cuisine and art performances in the town, such as in the western part of the town or you can opt for more traditional amusement like the rodeo or the Mexican hat dance. If you are planning to travel in September, don’t miss the International Mariachi Festival.

But suppose You are on the more adventurous side and want to witness how people in Guadalajara celebrate their rodeo season every February. Before your trip to the rodeo, you must know what to bring to enjoy the festival.

This is a destination that costs at least 40% less than an average holiday, mainly due to the weak Mexican currency, the peso. Both the flight and hotel accommodation can be found for more than a reasonable price.

2. Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira is a city with a great climate and stunning beaches, while hotel accommodation is truly inexpensive. The nightlife in the city is unbelievable, and the offer of restaurants and bars is amazing – more than 100 of them. For those who would like to experience Portuguese culture, the Old Town is the place to go, with its traditional streets and local cuisine. Food and wine are delicious and they come at a really affordable price, so you don’t have to be modest. Even though summertime is the most popular period for tourists, late spring is equally magical, but the prices are even lower then.

3. Naples, Italy

Naples, one of the oldest European cities, is becoming a hot destination. And for good reason – it’s the birthplace of pizza, and the great thing about it is that you can enjoy it for only $5 and it’s worth every cent. The city’s long and turbulent culture is visible to magnificent monuments and cultural sights, while the contemporary art is simply amazing. Castles on the shore and dark catacombs are what make this Italian city so different than any other. Italian cuisine is at its best in Naples – and affordable!

4. Uzbekistan

A holiday in Central Asia is an adventure of its own. Uzbekistan will bring you back to forgotten times, as it is an incredible mixture of Soviet and Persian architecture and culture. Religious sites in Bukhara and Samarkand are not to be missed, where you will have the opportunity to sleep under the stars. This is an absolutely affordable country, where, after you paid for the visa, you can find a nice hotel for less than $100.

5. La Paz, Bolivia

The Bolivian Andes will enchant you if you visit them in wintertime, where you can enjoy some of the highest ski slopes in the world for less than $70, with food, and transportation included in the day tour. In case you are not interested in going up, then stay grounded and enjoy Cholita Wrestling or the Mercado de las Brujas (the Witches’ Market), where you can find local products like herbal remedies, spices, and handcrafted art. You can go and pamper yourself here – a five-star hotel in the city’s suburbs is less than $150 a night.

6. Australia

It’s true that most of the time a holiday in Australia can be quite expensive but the secret is in choosing the right type of trip.

A cruise around Australia, like Oceania Cruises, is a great way to see incredible Australian cities and not spend too much money. Once you paid for the cruise, which is about $350 a night, that’s pretty much all you will have to spend for the whole trip. You should look for a cruise whose itineraries presume maximum time in port so that you can enjoy your day in coastal cities. On the other hand, those who enjoy simple and naturalistic holidays will get to see that Australia offers beautiful hiking routes at fair prices. You can plan it as a camping adventure, which is always affordable. Hiking routes like Overland Track, Larapinta Trail or the Three Capes Track will show you just how magical the Down Under is, and you will keep most of your money in your pocket.

7. Trujillo, Peru

Located in the northern part of Peru, Trujillo is full of beautiful beaches, while the town itself is rich with colored colonial facades, cultural heritage, and amazing restaurants where you can eat for only $10. Accommodation is also affordable, with prices like $65 per night. The town is also the former capital of the Chimú people, and the magnificent archeological site of Chan Chan is something that shouldn’t be missed. If you enjoy surfing, check out Huanchaco, where you can also enjoy Caballito de totora boats.


Final words

Whatever the destination you choose, it’s also important to start your search in time and to be patient. The more time you are ready to spend searching for the right location and accommodation, the less money you will end up spending.

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