Travel for a Better Reason – 7 Volunteering Destinations That Will Change Your Life

Exploring the world during your travels can be such a rewarding experience. From seeing new sights to meeting new people, traveling the world can make you a much better and more rounded person. However, discovering all corners of the planet will also make you want to do more, especially if you notice that the place you’re visiting could do with some help. If you’ve decided to start volunteering to change both your life and the lives of those you will visit, consider the following destinations.

Help preserve the environment in Peru

The world is full of amazing countries that you can visit and Peru is a great start. As doing plenty of research is vital before you travel to your destination in order to better understand the culture and find some off-the-beaten-path spots, you will surely familiarize yourself with some top attractions of Peru such as Machu Picchu, the Inti Raymi festival, and the Lost City of Choquequirao. However, besides all these stunning sights, you can also do your part in helping preserve the environment. With its gorgeous beaches and mountains as well as animals, Peru has it all, which is why you should find a volunteering project that will focus on water sanitation or sustainable farming practices.

Do your part in wildlife conservation in Ecuador

Peru’s neighbor, Ecuador also has plenty of attractions that will draw you in. For instance, the Galápagos Islands might have caught your attention before, due to being home to the Galápagos penguin, waved albatross, and 13 species of finches. In addition to exploring the capital of Quito, you can also take in the majestic sight of the hot springs of Baños and get some unique souvenirs at the market in the town of Otavalo. If you decide to volunteer in Ecuador, you might be able to monitor animal behavior, release them back into the wild, and help with environmental education and reforestation.

Rehabilitate animals in Costa Rica

Another stunning destination you can consider for your volunteering efforts is Costa Rica. Although popular for its stunning beaches like the Espadilla, Santa Teresa, and Whale Tail Beach, this region has so many other natural beauties. For example, La Paz Waterfall Gardens Nature Park and Arenal Volcano National Park are sure to take your breath away. This country offers a wide range of volunteering options so you can choose from rehabilitating wildlife in their natural habitat, helping scientists with researching the ecosystem, and participating in saving the turtles. As staying healthy while traveling is crucial, you’ll be glad to hear that Costa Rica has fared fairly well during the coronavirus outbreak and visitors are welcome.

Teach kids in Indonesia

When you think about Indonesia, you probably imagine the gorgeous beaches and resorts of Bali. In addition to this paradise, you can also visit the ancient temple of Borobudur – a UNESCO World Heritage site that is often regarded as one of the greatest Buddhist sites on the planet. Then, there are the Gili Islands with beaches that can rival those found in Bali. Mount Krakatoa and Mount Bromo as well as Komodo National Park will provide you with plenty of amazing sights while in Indonesia if you like staying active. When it comes to lending a helping hand, Bali is a wonderful destination if you want to volunteer with children. For instance, you can teach primary and secondary school students English or have fun with kindergarteners.

Build homes in Brazil

South America’s largest country offers a wide range of attractions you can see and activities you can try during your trip. Besides seeing the colossal statue of Christ – Cristo Redentor – that watches over Rio de Janeiro, you can also visit some of the most famous beaches in the world, Copacabana and Ipanema. Witnessing the local Carnaval and all the extravaganza it comes with will make for a lasting memory. If visiting Ouro Preto and the Pelourinho quarter of Salvador inspires your architectural side, you’ll be glad to hear that you can help build homes for families in Rio de Janeiro’s sprawling favelas.

Work on rural development in South Africa

Another interesting country you should not skip during your travels is certainly South Africa. If you want the traditional safari, this is the place to visit as you can see everything from deserts and savannas to gorges and animals. In addition to visiting Kruger National Park, Pilanesberg National Park, and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, you will also have fun in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. South Africa also offers an array of volunteering opportunities. For example, you can work in a national park and take care of various animals. However, you can also work with people as everything from youth development and education to rural development is available.

Offer a medical hand in India

The planet is teeming with majestic locations that also offer a chance to do something nice for others. Among them, we shouldn’t overlook India. Aside from breathtaking buildings like the Taj Mahal, Harmandir Sahib, and the Red Fort, the country also boasts stunning beaches and delicious food. If you want to lend them a helping hand and you’re passionate about healthcare, you will be more than welcome. Volunteers are always necessary to help around in clinics and hospitals as well as spread awareness about topics like COVID-19. If healthcare isn’t for you, you can also work on promoting gender equality or youth development.


If you’ve realized that helping others is the best part of traveling the world, you’re surely always on the lookout for great volunteering opportunities. Keep the above-listed seven in mind when choosing your next destination.

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