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Surely everyone knows that the most common space where the family spends time together is in the kitchen. Don’t be fooled, a kitchen should not merely be a room where we only cook and eat, but a stylish and cozy ambient where we feel safe and welcome. Here are some excellent minimalism trends that have overwhelmed kitchen lovers all over the world.

Posh up the accessories

What a genuine minimalist kitchen implies is having your accessories stand out from the décor. If you already have a perfectly shaped kitchen adapted to your style, replacing some of the accessories would create a greater minimalist effect. Try using accessories to decorate with. Not only are cotton oven mitts with silicone from Homever the ideal must-have kitchen tool for cooking and baking, but they also make a beautifully bold statement in the design world.

Change the drawer and cabinet pulls in any material and color you desire. Rose gold, brass, marble, satin nickel, or stainless steel, whatever you choose will definitely contribute to having a better minimalistic kitchen outlook. Also, consider mixing traditional and modern design, and place an oak worktop but put dark matte utensils.

Play with shapes and colors

A deluxe minimalism-style kitchen can range in combinations and designs. Some people prefer that it should completely be impoverished from colors, but actually, one of the key particulates to achieving a perfectly balanced minimalist kitchen is to paint the walls pastel colors, for example, and not leave it plain white. Another thing that could be done is to have some of the appliances, such as the fridge or the stove, in a light yellow color or simply have the cabinets in an emerald green tone. When you install these new appliances and fixtures, make sure that they are regularly checked to ensure that they are not showing signs of wear and tear. For example, cabinets can be overlooked a lot once installed, so take a look at a aristocraft cabinet maintenance guide, or a guide specific to your cabinets, to make sure that you are keeping it working perfectly and still looking and feeling brand new. In the end, clear lines and organizationally shaped elements actually contribute to that perfect minimalism effect. Still not sure? Get some inspiring ideas from these amazing kitchen renovations in Penrith.

Let there be light

Following the trends can be a demanding task. The pursuit of getting a moderate summer-feel kitchen outlook involves having classical, functional, handles cabinetry (if possible, hiding the fridge and the oven) and textured lacquered cabinets. However, the main focus is, as a matter of fact, on the lightning. Installing and placing any type of LED products would enrich the ambient, and since they range in colors and have a long lifespan they would bring out your trendy kitchen in the long run. Led lighting is the most popular option for a minimalistic kitchen because you can place it under the wall cabinetry or above the working area. Proper lightning most certainly provides an open-plan feel of the entire kitchen.

Strive for functionality

The furniture that represents your kitchen is an important element of the entire look. You can go for more earthy and subtle tones and choose from a variety of materials, but you should still focus on having the minimalist tone of your furniture. You can achieve that by picking plain black or white stools in contrast to wooden elements, or traditional but lush glass dining tables and similar. What is more, bear in mind that the functionality of your minimalist kitchen lies in the meticulously organized storage. You can refurbish your storage area by placing hidden pull-out cabinets for spices between the stove and fridge or have a designer implement a push drawer under the fridge for storing bags and kitchen towels, all on a decent budget.

Personalize your style

Don’t be afraid to express your artistic and creative style with your minimalistic kitchen. One way to envision your new kitchen is to use a kitchen design tool to plan your layout. Using design software can provide you with a plan before you splash out on your new kitchen. You can always add or remove any elements that don’t suit you or mix and match the styles.

An exuberant impact would be made if you implement your genuine sophisticated allure. You can alter your dinnerware by buying a peach or pink porcelain china or repaint the skirting boards with a dusky gray color to contrast the lilac wall, for instance. And then again, wood has always been an unmistakable material that perfectly blends in any surrounding. Still, to make it more personalized, you can place different material worktops, or order handcrafted door handles.

Open up the cuisine

Something that has become an even hotter summer trend nowadays is an open-plan kitchen and open shelving. Yes, yes, completely open for everybody to see inside your cabinetry. Even though it sounds strange, it is actually a quite productive idea. Firstly, it surely enlarges the environment, it opens up the kitchen, and it offers a chance for you to easily grab anything that you may need without opening the doors. Also, you can embellish the open cabinets by placing different colored dinnerware and you will have a habit of not cluttering all around so you would keep your kitchen in order.

The proper decoration is a must

Whether you decide to have plained colored elements or more rustic cabinets, it is a proven fact that for that outstanding and trendy minimalist kitchen, you should put some simple but contrasting ornaments. If you went with classic black and white décor for your kitchen, consider placing a marble vase with some greenery to juice up space. On the other hand, if you have a kitchen with shades of blue and green elements, then placing a dark-brown rug under your dining table would certainly enliven the area. Finally, if you may have creamy-colored walls, and stainless steel appliances, try placing an emerald green island which would subsidize for a luxurious touch.

Getting that ethereal and airy feel in your minimalistic kitchen is not an easy task since you always need to struggle for perfection. Whether you choose marble, stunning wooden black kitchen, monochrome, or use a mixture of elements and colors, know that you will by no means make your own personal and unique styled kitchen to enjoy in these summer days.


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