Sorry, Mom! 3 Ways to Turn a Broken Window into an Opportunity

Kids and accidents go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it’s spilling their milk or knocking things over, moms are constantly cleaning up after kid-related accidents. But some accidents actually cost something to fix. When something like this happens, working with professionals, like those from Augusta Window, will help you optimize your costs and benefit from top-class services. You’ll collaborate with dedicated specialists who will assist you during the window replacement process. These kinds of accidents, however, can also provide a valuable opportunity for a learning experience. Breaking a window, for instance, can open the door to a wide range of teaching opportunities for moms. Depending on the age of your child, here are three valuable lessons moms can teach their kids when they break a window.

Fiscal Impact

Getting a window replaced is expensive. This can be a good opportunity to teach your kids about the actual cost of things that get broken and damaged. You can help them research the costs of window replacement and then help them determine how long paying to replace the window might take them if they were to have to pay for it out of their allowance or other income they might have. This can also provide a great opportunity to learn about budgeting.

Responsibility for Actions

This can also be a good opportunity to help your kids learn about doing the right thing. Allowing them to walk through the process of getting the window replaced with you can be turned into a learning experience about why it is so important to follow the rules. If they owned up to breaking the window, you can offer them praise for it and if not, you can encourage them to do so and use the experience to help them learn to take responsibility and own up to their actions in the future.

Learning Experience about Home Maintenance

One day, your kids will most likely have a home of their own and this can be a great opportunity to learn the types of responsibilities that go into owning and maintaining a home. From choosing the right window and installer to scheduling the appointment to maybe even watching the process of having the window replaced, your kids can learn a great deal about the kinds of responsibilities that come with home ownership.

While playing games with your kids or doing things that they enjoy is certainly a part of good relationship building, valuable teaching experiences are just as important. Breaking a window can provide a wide range of teaching opportunities that can help you teach your kids some necessary life skills. From budgeting to responsibility to the importance of home maintenance, it’s all about how you use the experience.

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