6 Life Lessons You Can Learn After Divorce

The idea of marriage then divorce is usually never registered in our thought cause it’s never a good thing to separate parents from their kids, close families, friends, and homes. Divorce is a traumatic experience that leaves people with scars. It’s good to try and work this out except in cases of abuse and infidelity.

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Teaching Your Kids to be Responsible: Benefits of Getting a Family Dog

Many parents wonder how they can make their child more responsible. For some, getting a family dog can help. Remember, however, that a pet is a big responsibility that should be considered carefully before any decisions are made as you have to assume responsibility to see that children complete chores, play with the pet appropriately and handle the veterinarian bills. Here are some of the ways that owning a pet can teach responsibility. 


Dogs should be fed dog food on a regular basis. This is a task that many children can handle even if you have to help them in the beginning. One way that some people have handled the child who does not remember to feed their dog is to not feed the child. The child learns the responsibility of caring for a pet even when it is not convenient for them when they are denied their own food. Of course, as soon as the pet is fed, you will want to feed the child. 

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Sorry, Mom! 3 Ways to Turn a Broken Window into an Opportunity

Kids and accidents go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it’s spilling their milk or knocking things over, moms are constantly cleaning up after kid-related accidents. But some accidents actually cost something to fix. These kinds of accidents, however, can also provide a valuable opportunity for a learning experience. Breaking a window, for instance, can open the door to a wide range of teaching opportunities for moms. Depending on the age of your child, here are three valuable lessons moms can teach their kids when they break a window.

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