Teaching Your Kids to be Responsible: Benefits of Getting a Family Dog

Many parents wonder how they can make their child more responsible. For some, getting a family dog can help. Remember, however, that a pet is a big responsibility that should be considered carefully before any decisions are made as you have to assume responsibility to see that children complete chores, play with the pet appropriately and handle the veterinarian bills. Here are some of the ways that owning a pet can teach responsibility. 


Dogs should be fed dog food on a regular basis. This is a task that many children can handle even if you have to help them in the beginning. One way that some people have handled the child who does not remember to feed their dog is to not feed the child. The child learns the responsibility of caring for a pet even when it is not convenient for them when they are denied their own food. Of course, as soon as the pet is fed, you will want to feed the child. 


Most children can learn to brush a dog and do other basic grooming tasks. You may want to get them a brush that fits over their hand or a child-size brush to use. Older children can learn to give good dog baths under your supervision. Helping groom the dog can be a great way to teach the child to be responsible for those around them along with themselves. 

Vet Care

While you will probably have to pay the bill, let the child go with you when you take the dog to the vet. The child will learn how the vet is responsible for helping their pet and other animals and can serve as a great role model. Children can also help administer home treatments under adult supervision. This is a great chance to teach children about the responsibility of taking care of the world around them. 


All dogs need exercise. Of course, you will want to find the right breed of puppy for sale that fits with the amount of exercise that your dog needs. Taking the dog for a walk with you around the block or playing with them in a neighborhood park can be a great way to teach the child to meet the needs of another living thing. 

There are many different ways that dogs can be useful in teaching responsibility. Remember, however, that if you get a puppy, you are ultimately responsible. The dog may outlive your children living at home if you do a good job of teaching them to be responsible.

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