When You Should Change From a Car Seat to a Booster Seat

Keeping your child properly secured while they are in a vehicle is going to be absolutely vital to their safety, but many parents don’t know when to make the transition from a car seat to a booster seat. Do you go by age? Weight?  Here is a closer look at some of the regulations regarding these types of seats and just a few of the signs that your child might be ready to move up to a booster seat.
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4 Healthy School Lunches for Your Kids

Lunch is one of the most important times of the day, not only for adults but for kids as well. You want to send your kids off to lunch with the best food you can give them. If you are not sure where to get started for your preparations, think about some of these healthy school lunches you can make.

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5 Ways to Increase Time Management as a Parent

When you are a parent, time seems to be at a premium. Most parents of a first child feel overwhelmed by parental duties to infants and toddlers. They rarely rest easy until their offspring begins pre-school or kindergarten. Yet, there are ways to manage time so it is divided according to children’s and parents’ needs.
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Breaking the Stigma Around Your Child’s Speech Therapy

It’s challenging when your child struggles with speech. If your child has experienced delays, is difficult to understand or has it is hard for your child to understand others, it can hold your child back. You want to pave the way to clear communication for your son or daughter, helping in any way possible. Speech therapy can do wonders. The sooner it begins the better. You just want to make sure your child doesn’t feel self-conscious about receiving services. More importantly, you don’t want anyone else to look at your child any differently because of barriers to communication.

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When to Introduce New Foods to Your Baby

From the moment of birth, an infant begins to feel hungry. However, pediatricians will advise on the first types of nutritional sustenance.

An infant’s stomach has not developed to tolerate little more than liquid foods. This is the reason pediatricians advise a diet of breast milk or formula fortified with vitamins, minerals, and iron.
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Parenting Skills That Make You Better at Running a Business

Running a business is a pretty difficult task. You have more responsibilities than you could have ever expected from the job and they just keep piling up. The bills are through the roof and you have no idea how you’re going to finance everything. There are lots of people that rely on your knowledge and skills to get them through the day and into a brighter future. 

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5 Parent Approved Websites Your Kids Will Enjoy

Kids have plenty of websites to choose from to stay occupied. Unfortunately, many aren’t safe enough to use. Here are a few that are parent approved, educational and fun for kids.

Sesame Street and PBS Kids

Sesame Street presents humorous characters in an upbeat environment where kids can do art, play games and watch videos. Use a crayon, paintbrush or others to create a masterpiece beside Elmo and Cookie Monster. Games include Alphabet Soup, Show Me the Cookies, Monster Music and many more. PBS Kids brings educational content in the form of videos and games. Your kids can watch full episodes of Sesame Street or play unique games such as the Cookie Games, Lord of the Crumbs and Oscar’s Rotten Ride.
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4 Reasons Your Little One May Be Constantly Getting Sick

As hard as we try to prevent it, children are bound to get sick at one time or another. While it’s perfectly normal for your child to catch a cold and even a stomach bug, there may something else going on if they are sick more often than not.

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Stay at Home Mums are Some of The Best Charity Givers in The World

When you tell someone ‘I’m a stay at home mum,’ you will get mixed reactions. Some think stay at home mums are lazy, while others think of them as heroes who have decided to put their families first. Whatever the opinion, the number of stay at home mums today is at an all-time high and will most likely increase.

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5 Useful Tips for Parents of Teen Wrestlers

If you are the parent of a teen who participates in teen wrestling at school, then you should have concerns about your child’s safety. Today, there are safety devices for all types of sports to prevent temporary or permanent injuries. Here are some of the things that you can buy or do to protect your son while he is wrestling.
Mouth Guard for His Teeth
It is essential to protect your child’s teeth and gums while he is wrestling. A dentist or an orthodontist can collect X-rays or molds of your son’s teeth and mouth to create customized mouth guards. Your son should wear the mouth guards during his practices and competitions to avoid an injury to the gums or teeth. It is important to remember that the mouth guards can degrade, or alternatively, the size of your son’s mouth can change, requiring a new mouth guard to protect his teeth. 

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