3 Ways To Restore Your Confidence As A Single Mother

Being a single mother involves a series of daily, all-consuming challenges. If you are struggling yourself here, then you are not alone. 

Unfortunately, as with all major life events, there may be periods where self-doubt begins to creep in. Left unchecked, this may spiral out into other areas of insecurity also, and potentially even cause feelings of inadequacy and isolation. Still, there are ways to feel better about things, and to ensure that your stint as a single mother is one you look back on with mostly positive feelings.  

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Bun in the Oven? 5 Things Every First-Time Parent Should Know

You are expecting your first baby boy or girl and probably feel a little nervous. That is okay because there are a lot of parents out there just as nervous as you are. Delivery fears are one reason to be nervous, but there are a few common conditions first-time parents should know about.

Cleft Palate

The cleft palate or cleft lip is a defect that affects several babies around the world. It is an issue that usually develops between the sixth to 10th week of pregnancy. Surgery is usually necessary as it prevents feeding complications though some children with this issue develop speech issues that need to be addressed.

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Parenting Children in the Age of Technology

Parenting has been a difficult task for most people, especially single ones. Technology has, however, brought more tasks to parenting, allowing parents to bring their children up in a more challenging way. Children are growing up digitally, and parents should be ready to bring them up that way.

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College Not a Fit for Your Child? 5 Fulfilling Alternatives

College is touted as the path to career and financial success. However, many young people do not know what kind of career they want when they finish high school. Some don’t want to go to college at all. This can be troubling and frustrating if you are a parent, but it doesn’t mean your child lacks ability or ambition. Forbes says to look beyond college as the ultimate path to career success. There are alternative roads a young person can follow that are also fulfilling.

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How Your Family Can Assemble a 72-Hour Emergency Kit

When it comes to dealing with an emergency, effective preparation can make a life-saving difference. Having to shelter in place due to a storm, earthquake or other natural disaster means that your family may have to get by with only the food and supplies they have on hand. Assembling a 72-hour emergency kit can be absolutely essential for ensuring that you and your loved ones will be better prepared.

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Tips For Improving Your Parenting Skills

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Your role as a parent is one of the most important functions in your life. You are responsible for raising your children so that they grow up to be successful and happy adults. Even the best parents have something to strive for. If you decide to change and improve your parenting methods, follow the further tips. Improve parenting skills by applying the right parenting methods. 

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4 Safety Tips When Setting Up Your First Nursery

With your first baby on the way, you have probably spent quite a bit of time thinking about how you are going to set up the nursery. Luckily, with a little bit of planning and a few basic gadgets, you should be able to create a nursery that is safe, secure, and comfortable. Continue reading “4 Safety Tips When Setting Up Your First Nursery”

5 Wallflower Tips to Nurturing Your Shy Child Into a Social Butterfly

Some children naturally gravitate toward other kids. They love being social and spending time with others. Other children prefer to keep to themselves. While it’s okay if your child doesn’t interact with their peers as much as other kids, they need to learn social skills. These skills will help them be happy and successful.  Continue reading “5 Wallflower Tips to Nurturing Your Shy Child Into a Social Butterfly”

How to Tell if Your Kids Daycare is Unsafe

When parents drop their children off at daycare, they do so under the assumption that their kids will be cared for and protected. Many daycares are wonderful places that employee outstanding childcare professionals. However, the world is also sadly home to some daycares that are grossly unfit for children. Continue reading “How to Tell if Your Kids Daycare is Unsafe”