5 Types of Modern Style Kitchen Designs You Should Look Out For

With the changing time, the interiors of the house have also started to transform. Starting from the decor to the accessories used, everything has undergone a drastic change for making any house look better, beautiful and compact. Along with-it people’s choice for the kitchen designs have also changed. In this present era, they are inclining to the modern style kitchen design.… Most people focus on designing their kitchen in a very compact manner nowadays because this space grabs the attention of the visitors.

Having top-notch modern decor accessories in one’s kitchen has its own perks. It reflects a lot about the personality of the owner and creates an everlasting impression. There are a variety of accessories and designs available in the market for modern style kitchen designs, but the following five designs stand out tall among all others.

Top Modern Style Kitchen Designs

Here Are 5 Styles Which You Should Consider Including in A Modern-Day Kitchen:

1. Minimalist: In a minimalist design, everything used for decoration should be minimal. Any base neutral color makes the minimalist look grow. The appliances can be built in with tall cabinets and marble worktops. In the middle, there can be a small round table and a few chairs. The key of minimalist design is to keep lesser accessories to craft a minimal look. This modern style kitchen design is sleek, yet cozy and makes the area look more spacious. Hanging lights can do magic for such a modern style kitchen design. If you are concerning about proper light in the kitchen than in this design the cabinets can have LED strip lights to ensure good lighting in the kitchen area.

2. Rustic Modern: If a modern country look is a design that you want to opt than rustic modern design can be your choice of design.  The rustic design brings out a farmhouse vibe out of modern treatment. Rustic design can be established with the use of wood for the cabinets. The area can have a middle counter out of rustic wood, and it can also be marble top. Wooden flooring will enhance the look even more. From the countertop, lights can be hung, and the cabinets can have small spotlights. This look is a combination of a modern and classic kitchen.

3. Eclectic Modern: This design is a very happy vibe design with a colorful finish. The colors used can be all the pastel shades to save the aesthetic. The cabinets can cover the entire wall with popping colors. Accessories used can be chic yet modern and you can add little stools for the breakfast counter. This design works well in small spaces because it is compact and vibrant. Wooden finish is a good option that can be used here. One can put a few carpets and bring in a modern Bohemian vibe.

4. Industrial: The industrial design is for huge kitchen spaces. The colors used are basic like white, black and grey. This design includes huge arcs or high ceilings with long hanging lights. The accessories are minimal but give a luxurious look to the kitchen. The breakfast counter can be in the center and can have a glazy finish like the wall cabinets.  Black or white marble finish can give the kitchen an amazing modern look.

5. Classic Modern: This design is the epitome of modern style kitchen designs. The layout calls for built-in accessories and cabinets. Breakfast counter in the center. High racks and all of it in base colors like a black, white, brown and grey combination. The counters can have a glaze finish and so can the worktops. The key to modern lighting is using spotlights extensively.

These modern style kitchen designs are spacious and provide the kitchen with a very luxurious look. These decors draw the attention of people because of its sleek, compact and classic nature. These are good for apartments allowing average kitchen space and yet make it look spacious. Kitchen architecture is meant to look after a lot of things other than simply looking fancy. The ergonomics and the functioning of appliances also depend on the type of design you settle for, so choose wisely. Be wise in selecting the most appropriate design for your kitchen.


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  1. How amazing these modern kitchens. Looks like my dream kitchen. I want my kitchen like one of these from here. I will keep it in my mind and apply these at the right time.

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