3 Manly Activities To Enjoy With Your Son

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Having guy time with your son is important, but life is busy and you may not be as close to your son as you once were. You may wonder what fun, masculine activities are good to share with your son now. We’ll go over three manly activities you can enjoy with your son that have cool, real-world practical benefits as well.

1. Camping

Going camping allows for numerous other fun and practical things you can teach your son. This includes teaching him how to build a fire, how to properly handle and maintain boats, and how to navigate with a compass. Camping also affords you a great opportunity to learn your son’s interests and help him develop his skills. For example, if he loves archery, then you can click here to explore crossbow accessories and anything else you may need to make his camping trip that much more memorable.

Camping means you get to go on a day or longer trip with your son for maximum bonding time. Camping also allows you to go to new places and explore where you might not have considered before, so if you both enjoy traveling and adventuring this is a great activity to try.

2. Fixing Up Cars

Both a practical, useful skill in everyday life and a fun, manly one to do to boot, you and your son can spend hours upon hours in the garage fixing up new and old cars. This can be done on your own private cars, cheap old cars you buy for this purpose, and eventually even friends’ cars. Retailers can provide you with needed spare parts to make this pastime a little easier and more of a challenge since you will need to hunt down the correct parts at hopefully the best prices.

3. Fishing

Perhaps one of the most time-honored father and son traditions, going out fishing gives you an excellent time to bond, enjoy being together out in nature, and catch some tasty dinner in the process. You don’t have to eat the fish either – catch and release can be just as fun.

Fly Fishing offers a lot of hands-on things you can teach your son, between threading the line, and using bait and lures. Be sure to take into account the age of your child and get them started fishing for smaller fish before you move on to bigger, more challenging fish so as not to overwhelm them. If they really start to enjoy it and want to do more of it, you can begin to consider bigger and more exciting events. For example, if you’re planning a holiday to Central America then you could consider incorporating something like one of these Costa Rica fishing charters into your trip. It’ll allow the family to bond and have fun together, while your child can catch different fish in a new environment, all of which is bound to create happy memories.

Many time-honored manly pastimes are still relevant now in the modern age, and the three listed here are perfect activities to share with your son. So if you’ve ever wanted to start a new hobby and get your son involved, now’s a good time to get into it!

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