How To Choose an Online Therapist

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Therapy is beneficial for people of all backgrounds, whether for processing past trauma, learning to deal with stress, or finding ways to communicate more effectively. Unfortunately, seeing a therapist in person each week isn’t feasible for many people which is why Rey Health offers a unique service. Online therapy remedies that because it’s accessible without needing to rearrange schedules or find transportation. Of course, it’s still important to find the right online therapist.

Consider the Type of Person You’d Be Most Comfortable With

There are therapists of all genders, ages, sexualities, and religious backgrounds, but not everybody will be comfortable with every therapist. It is important to find someone you’ll want to talk to. Consider whether you’d be most comfortable talking to a male or a female, whether you’d prefer someone your age or older, and whether you want someone who has a religious affiliation or is secular. Talking to someone you can relate to is often important if you want therapy to work.

Determine Whether Your Insurance Covers the Therapist

An increasing number of states require insurance agencies to cover online therapy sessions from places, but it is still a good idea to ensure yours does. After all, talking to a therapist only to find out you need to pay out of pocket may cause you even more stress. It’s also important to consider whether the therapist you choose is part of a larger platform that charges monthly fees. If he or she is, though, don’t automatically write the therapist off. Many platforms offer other types of mental health care as well, including medication management, which makes the monthly fees worth it.

Consider the Type of Sessions You Want

Therapy is largely guided by you, meaning some weeks you will cover hard topics and others you may just chat about the good things going on in your life. It’s still important to determine how long you want your sessions to be and how often you want to meet to ensure you find a therapist who can accommodate your needs. The average sessions are weekly and last about one hour, but you can also find therapists who meet more or less often and for longer or shorter periods of time.

Ask About the Therapist’s Qualifications

Even if the therapist you’re interested in was recommended to you by a friend, it’s important to independently verify his or her qualifications. Ask about a license, where he or she graduated from, and what approach he or she takes to therapy. Don’t be afraid to look for online reviews, ask around your community to see how other people feel, and ask specific questions about your potential therapist. Remember, this person will be working for you and it’s important you find someone who meets your needs.

Whether you have big things to work through or you just want to know how to live life with a little less stress, therapy can be beneficial. Consider scheduling an appointment to learn more about how you can improve your mental health.

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