Guide to Throwing a Kids Birthday Party That’s Fun for Adults Too

Throwing a birthday party for kids is usually only fun for the kids. The adults spend their time standing around, maybe chatting with each other, and counting the minutes until it’s over. As a parent, you’re basically there to watch your kid have fun and then take them home. It seems like a huge waste of time and can be enough to put a damp on anyone’s mood. To avoid this at your kid’s birthday, you’ll need to take some things into consideration.

1. Set aside an area for adults

If the kids have taken over the yard, the patio should be reserved for adults. You can even set aside space in the yard for the parents, but it’s best if this area is a little bit farther from the kids. This way the adults will be able to relax and mingle without feeling like they have to look over their kids, and the children will have more fun playing without feeling supervised.

It’s good for the kids’ parents to mingle as they can make new friends and find out what they have in common. If nothing else, they’ll have parenting in common to talk about. Adult company beats kid company for the whole afternoon, anyway.

2. Have grown up food

Finger food and kid food is very popular at birthdays, but that usually means the parents stay hungry. Instead of just waiting around for the party to be over, they have to do it hungrily, too. You should splurge on catering and get real food that your adult guests can eat, too.

Bagels, pizzas, and whatever other party food you decide on will work just fine. Also, don’t forget to have enough dessert for the adults, too. They’ll surely want a piece of the birthday cake or anything else sweet to enjoy.

3. Provide entertainment for all ages

Of course, the adults at the party are going to get bored when they have nothing to entertain them. Instead of choosing kid entertainers, spend your money on something both the kids and the adults will enjoy. The easiest common ground you’ll find is music. Going to one of the best music agencies and hiring a performer for your even might just be the answer.

Live music will be a blast for the kids, and quite enjoyable for the adults. No one will have to put up with just kid music, either.



It simply isn’t true that kid parties can only be fun for the kids. With a little effort and some creativity, the parents can enjoy this special day as much as the adults. These tips will help you throw an unforgettable party, as well as keep your guests coming back for years to come. There’s simply no better way to celebrate your kid’s birthday in style.

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