How To Choose an Online Therapist

Therapy is beneficial for people of all backgrounds, whether for processing past trauma, learning to deal with stress, or finding ways to communicate more effectively. Unfortunately, seeing a therapist in person each weak isn’t feasible for many people which is why Rey Health offers a unique service. Online therapy remedies that because it’s accessible without needing to rearrange schedules or find transportation. Of course, it’s still important to find the right online therapist.

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5 Benefits of Aromatic Therapy for Children

Aromatic therapy or Aromatherapy is a natural and remedial modality of holistic healing that has been in use for thousands of years. It has been known to have overall benefits for emotional, mental and physical health. It is often used as an alternative technique to aid medical treatments. Aromatherapy is the use of terpenes, the aromatic parts of the plant to produce healing effects for the mind and body. The best example of this is cannabis terpenes. The cannabis plant has so many terpenes that it produces its signature strong smell due to all of them. Of course, you wouldn’t use cannabis extracts with children, but they are one of the best examples of what terpenes are.

Its origins have been traced back to ancient civilizations including Greeks, Egypt, China and it has also been an essential part of Ayurvedic practices in India. The most common ailments that are treated with aromatherapy are pain relief, anxiety management, mood enhancement, inducing deep relaxation and to fight harmful microbes that cause illness. 

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5 Tools for At-Home Massage Therapy

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Whether you’re experienced in giving massages, have your license in massage therapy or you’re a beginner masseuse, there are many different skills, techniques, and tools that you’ll need to conduct the most relaxing and successful massages. It doesn’t matter if you’re performing massages at home or in a professional clinic, without having the right expertise, knowledge, and tools, you won’t be able to keep a consistent clientele. So what types of tools do you need?

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Types of Massage Therapy Used for Various Purposes

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Massage therapy is one of the oldest methods of healing muscle pain and muscle injuries. Its origins lie in ancient Greek, Chinese and Indian civilizations. These ancient civilizations firmly believed in the healing capabilities of massage therapy and used it to treat various ailments. To explain massage therapy in a single sentence, it can be said that it is a practice of applying pressure or manipulating a person’s muscle or soft tissue in order to restore it to its original shape and position, thereby enhancing the well-being of the body. Scientifically, this treatment method has been found effective and also poses no harmful side effects to the body as an aftermath of the treatment. But, it has to be strictly noted that if the massage therapy is offered by a person who is inexperienced or does not have a licence, it may do your body more harm than benefit. As mentioned before, the massage therapy originated from various civilizations. So, there are various techniques of massage treatment, each has its unique characteristics and a suitable technique is chosen based on the ailment of the patient. All these various massage techniques collectively are known as massage therapy. Here is a list of all the types of massage therapies to make you understand the vastness of this field of treatment:

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Why Try Therapy: 4 Major Reasons

Why should you go to therapy? Have you ever wondered? Is therapy a fad, or a lifestyle? Is there room for therapy to be considered an everyday practice? There are so many people who suffer from some sort of mental condition that cannot be treated with medication but somehow needs to be dealt with. And it is really unfortunate that only 45 to 60 percent of these people actually do seek the help they so gravely need. People who do need therapy are usually the ones who just feel everything really intensely. They may have suffered from trauma, frequent headaches, disconnection from loved ones, and strained relationships. This also leads to substance abuse at times which does not help much. But the question still remains as to why one should go for therapy. For the sake of the readers, I have discussed a few pointers that might clarify this query. Have a read –
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