5 Resources for When You’re Dealing With More Than You Can Handle Alone

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Eating disorders can be incredibly difficult to cope with, and it’s important that those struggling with them know they are not alone. There are many resources available for people who need help in managing their disorder, from online support groups to in-person therapy. Whether you are just beginning to recognize the signs of an eating disorder or have been dealing with one for years, there is something out there to help. Let’s look at five resources that can provide support when your eating disorder becomes more than you can handle alone.

Online Support Groups

Online support groups allow individuals to connect with others who understand what they’re going through. Many of these groups offer a safe space where members can share their experiences and challenge each other in a constructive way. Online forums also allow members to post questions and get answers from professionals or peers who have personal experience with eating disorders. The National Eating Disorders Association has a comprehensive list of online support groups available on its website.


Therapy can be an invaluable resource for those struggling with an eating disorder, as it allows individuals to discuss their feelings and experiences in a confidential setting. A therapist can provide guidance as well as practical strategies for managing the disorder, such as developing healthier coping mechanisms or learning how to make better nutritional choices. It’s important to find a therapist who specializes in treating eating disorders, so consider reaching out to your local mental health center or NEDA helpline (1-800-931-2237) if you need help finding someone near you.

Meal Plans

Having a meal plan can be extremely helpful for those struggling with an eating disorder since it helps keep meals structured and consistent while ensuring nutritional needs are met. If you’re looking for help creating a meal plan tailored to your individual needs, consider reaching out to a nutritionist or dietitian who specializes in treating eating disorders; they will be able to provide personalized advice on food choices and portion sizes that will best serve your recovery efforts.

Medical Intervention

In some cases, medical intervention may be necessary when dealing with an eating disorder; this could include medication or even hospitalization depending on the severity of the situation. If you feel like your symptoms are too much for you to handle alone, don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help—your physical health is just as important as your mental health! Your doctor or healthcare provider should be able to recommend treatment options based on your individual needs and circumstances. It might also be necessary to consider residential eating disorder treatment.

Self Care Practices

It’s important not to forget about self-care practices when recovering from an eating disorder; activities like yoga, journaling, mindfulness meditation, art therapy, and music therapy can all help reduce stress levels while providing much-needed emotional support during this difficult time. Try making time in your day for self-care activities that make you feel good—you deserve it!            

Recovering from an eating disorder is never easy but it doesn’t have to be done alone either. There are many resources available that can provide support when things become overwhelming – online support groups, therapy sessions, meal plans created by nutritionists/dietitians, medical intervention if necessary, and self-care practices like yoga & journaling – all of which will help individuals manage their eating disorder more effectively and lead them towards healthier paths of recovery. Remember: You’re not alone – reach out today!

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