How Therapy Can Help Couples Explore Intimacy

When couples are experiencing issues with intimacy, they may feel as though they are alone. The reality is, however, that many couples go through these experiences. Trained therapists are available to help couples who are specifically struggling with intimacy. You don’t need to feel embarrassed about seeking help. This type of therapy can improve your relationship in many ways.

Identifying Root Causes

If you and your partner are struggling with intimacy, a therapist can help you to determine the root cause. For example, trust issues in a relationship could lead to struggles with intimacy. Certain physical conditions could create difficulty in this area as well. Keep in mind that in order for therapists to help, you have to be open and honest. While discussing the topic of intimacy might feel uncomfortable at first, remember that your therapist is an expert in this area.

Encouraging Honest Communication

While being truthful with your therapist is critical, so is expressing honesty in conversations with your partner. Services such as Covenant Sex Therapy can encourage you to share your true feelings with your partner. For example, you might be struggling with intimacy due to an issue that your partner currently knows nothing about. By expressing yourself in therapy, you can both work to overcome that situation.

Developing Specific Strategies

Therapists also work directly with you and your partner to establish specific strategies for addressing intimacy issues. You might be asked to set aside specific days of the week when the two of you will be intimate with one another. You may be asked to engage in practices where you share information that you’ve previously kept to yourself. In addition to talking about the issues affecting your intimacy, you’ll also develop real skills and practices for addressing the situation.

Recognizing Limitations

Going to therapy can also help you to recognize limitations in your relationship. Limitations do not equate to failure. A therapist can aid you in recognizing that you may have unrealistic expectations of intimacy based on movies or television shows. In other scenarios, therapy helps couples to recognize that they may not be the right fit for one another. Uncovering the truth about a relationship is not a failure. This understanding can be the start to a happier and healthier life.

Many couples seek therapy for intimacy issues, and plenty of pairs leave therapy with a greater bond. The first step is for you and your partner to talk and agree that therapy is a smart option.

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