Don’t Shut People Out With Your Communication

Communication is one of the most important factors that contribute to the well-being of a person, relationship, family, group of friends, organization, and so on. Through communication, you exchange ideas and opinions, but also solve conflicts. Communication can be the solution to every problem you may have with your partner, parent, or another person. This, only if it is done assertively and with an open mind.

During communication, many people feel attacked and reluctant regarding the other person they are talking to. Others, on the contrary, become stones and they do not hear you anymore. Stonewalling is something common and even though many people would think that it is only characteristic of men, many women are like this as well. This negative pattern of communication can affect your social and romantic relationships. They can make the partner or the people you are talking to feel helpless.

Communication is essential in all environments. But stonewalling has some specific characteristics. And, of course, different triggers and reasons. This is one of the topics students have to write essays about, so searching for a writer to write my assignment for me could be one of the options. Below you’ll find a few details about it.

About Stonewalling

If you find yourself constantly shutting people out with your communication, it may be because you are trying to find comfort in silence. However, in any relationship, communication is expected to happen. But if you do not do it, conflicts, frustration, and misunderstandings can easily appear.

Stonewalling is often a consequence of frustration or fear, but it is also a mechanism to self-soothe yourself in difficult and challenging moments. However, stonewalling is not the right way to communicate with the ones around you. This is because your style of communication will keep them away. After all, it is not contributing to the well-being of the relationship.

So, how to prevent stonewalling in communication?

Identify Your Fear

The first thing you need to work on is identifying your fear. Your communication style is surely a consequence of a trauma or fear, so knowing which they are is essential. This will allow you to self-reflect on the things that prevent you from communicating effectively. Noticing what does not go right and being aware of it is important because it creates the perfect context for changing it. At the same time, doing this is essential because if communication is done right in a relationship, it negatively affects that relationship.

Take Breaks During Conflicts

Simply not communicating during conflicts or moments when others expect you to say something is frustrating. It may be frustrating not only for you but for the ones you talk with too. They might try to do the same, and this will considerably affect the relationship.

It is therefore important after you understand your reasons for not communicating, to find solutions to counteract them. And one of these solutions is to take a break during conflicts. Do this when you feel too overwhelmed by the talk, and not make it something mandatory. Try to go beyond your limitations every time and communicate more, but also control your emotions better.

Communicate What You Are Feeling

Stonewalling and shutting people out with your communication, or lack of it can seriously damage many domains of your life. It can affect your relationships which will, in turn, affect your work, mental health, and many more. It is therefore important to try to communicate what you are feeling. To try to express your thoughts and emotions. Go beyond your fears and adopt a healthy communicative style.

Ending Note

Communication is so essential in today’s world, especially during these difficult times when the physical distance was one of the rules to follow. Some people have a more distant and cold communication style, which may make others get frustrated and angry and relationships deteriorate.


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