6 Reasons Mothers are Sleep Deprived

Motherhood comes with its own challenges. Sleep deprivation is one of them. With changing wake-sleep cycles, disturbed or reduced sleep hours, and lack of restorative sleep, sleep deprivation for a new mom seems obvious. Studies reveal that mothers never get enough sleep. The case is not just true for the mothers of newborns and infants but preschoolers as well. A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation highlighted that over 76 percent parents report frequent sleep problems. But what reasons cause sleep deprivation in mothers? Here is a compilation of six reasons that keep mothers sleep deprived:

  • Motherhood is sudden and demanding:

Motherhood is unlike any job for which you can prepare and practice beforehand. It comes suddenly to its underlying challenges and demands. Parents can never predict what type of kid they are going to have and what type of challenges they will be dealing with on an everyday basis. It’s only until the child arrives, mothers step into motherhood. But the challenges don’t end as the child grows up. The demands only transform. Even infants and preschoolers keep their parents, specifically mothers up for long at night leading them not getting enough sleep.

  • The life of a Mother revolves around its children:

Mothers usually attend to every need and requirement of their kids every minute of a day. Be it attending to their needs, fulfilling their demands, managing their tantrums or entertaining them with some fun activity; Mothers are attending their kids throughout the day. This attention gets them less time for themselves. Even at night they don’t get enough sleep and rest to restore day long tiredness.

  • Kids need attention more frequently and interrupt a lot:

When you have kids at home, mothers hardly get uninterrupted focus-intensive hours to pursue any relaxing activity let alone sleep or nap. Mothers are always involved doing a little bit here while a little bit there, thereby juggling between activities and tasks.          

  • Less co-operation from the partner and family members:

Often times, the parent contributing more to a kid’s upbringing are the mothers. Either the fathers are around for less time due to their work hours or even if they are, they prefer to stay at ease to balance their demanding job routines.  Same is often true for other members of the family.

  • Lack of enough night sleep:

Mothers, especially mothers of newborns do not get enough night sleep as the baby frequently gets up for feeding requirements and other attentive needs. Even minor frequent naps throughout the day cannot compensate for the lost sleep of night-hours. Mothers are always on wheels 24×7 attending to their kids. This preoccupation leaves little space for rest and relaxation leading them tired and sleeps deprived.

  • Balancing work and kids time:

Most of the mothers these days either work from home or try to balance work with their kid’s time, making their motherhood even more challenging and difficult. In such a scenario, mothers are always struggling to meet deadlines and at the same time giving their best attention to their kids.

But kids are not the only reason for staying awake at night. New mothers often have so many hormonal changes going in their body that they find difficult to combat and often develop sleep problems. Apart from that, mothers who are engaged in some task or the other throughout the day sometimes prefer to take a few hours out for themselves at night to pursue some activity they enjoy to have some hours of recreation.

In addition, physical cues scattered throughout the bedroom may also play a role causing sleep deprivation in mothers. One factor that contributes majorly to the quality of sleep is the mattress. Only a perfect mattress having the right firmness, comfort, size, and quality equates to a good night’s sleep.  Buying a mattress is not just about elegance and appearance but mattress buyer’s guide highlights many other factors to be considered before selecting a perfect mattress for your bedroom. Mattresses often come in varied quality and material. With so many choices to choose from, it becomes difficult to find a perfect mattress that is good enough for both the mother and the child. In such scenario, mattress buyer’s guide helps you in picking the most appropriate mattress that best suits your requirement and budget.

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