Top 3 Ideas for Landscaping Without Grass

Contributed by Jaye

Had enough of high-maintenance, thirsty turf? Are you sick and tired of all the watering, mowing and fighting against pest and weed? If you are looking for something less expensive and demanding, yet equally attractive, natural and refreshing, there are great ways to update your backyard.

Most people want a lawn because that is the only thing they know. However, if you look hard enough, you can find amazing backyard designs which don’t include a grass lawn, like these at Ralco Landscapes in San Diego. Here are some alternatives for you to consider.

Mulching flowerbeds around the house with a freshly mulched bed alongside an open-air patio decorated with ornamental flowers

Replace Your Lawn with a Patio

A patio is the first alternative option that comes to mind, and probably the most convenient one. It can be quite affordable, but also quite expensive, depending on the material you choose. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, go for the bluestone, which, despite its name, comes in various colors and is of excellent quality.

If, however, you’d prefer something more economic, opt for flagstone or crushed stone, such as pea stone or white stone. Also, wood is always an option, and so are bricks. If you still can’t completely renounce the turf, leave a few narrow stripes, they won’t take that much effort. Or you can always put some potted plants or plant some tall grasses and flowers, preferably the local species.

Ever Heard of Xeriscaping?

This method has been originally conceived in order to reduce water consumption in drought-afflicted regions but nowadays can be applied to more than just that purpose. One of the major principles of this landscaping option is reducing the turf areas as much as possible, which is exactly what you want to do and instead choosing climate-appropriate plants. Those would be the ones native to your region, preferably drought-resistant. However, most importantly, don’t mix the plants with different watering needs in one area. Trees can also be helpful when it comes to water conservation as they minimize evaporation, block the wind and shade the soil.

Using mulch is also one of the xeriscaping principles. Cover your backyard with leaves, coarse compost, pine needles, gravel, bark or wood chips. It’s an excellent investment because, at the same time, it can be a natural fertilizer for your plants and can fight off the weed. The only effort you’ll have to take is to replace it every spring. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and temperature. It also has quite a pleasant smell and looks good. Just make sure the layer is thick enough and that there are no bare parts of the soil.

Turn Your Lawn into a Children’s Playground

Yes, you read that well. Instead of hovering over your lawn, making sure the children don’t ruin it, replace the super-sensitive, high maintenance surface and the source of many family fights with an area where your children can freely run and play. The above-mentioned mulch can once again help you. Use the wood or rubber mulch made from recycled rubber to cover the ground. Put a volleyball net, a play set, corn hole set, table-tennis table, or anything else you and your children like and create a lovely recreation area.

Alternatively, you can use synthetic grass to cover the ground. It is somewhat more durable than mulch. Also, you can try and plant ground cover plants such as Texas Frogfruit, which is an evergreen, which attracts butterflies, among other things. So it can create a truly idyllic image and provide a source for fun your kids who can run over the lawn all they want and chase butterflies.

Landscaping isn’t for everyone, but if you want a low maintenance backyard which looks great, all you need to do is consult some experts and you can enjoy the result of their skill and expertise.

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