Tips to Organize A Stylish Summer Party All Your Friends Will Talk About

It’s the summertime, and the partying is easy. Try making this summer party easy to throw, but hard to forget.

Keep mosquitoes away

If anything can ruin a party, it’s the constant scratching of your legs and elbows. Many hosts do not know how to get rid of mosquitoes. One way is to set out a basket full of insect repellent and after-bite balm. You can also provide mosquito-repellent odorless lamps, which will go great with your lightning.

Beware of the sun

You don’t want people leaving your party due to sunstroke. Provide them with sunscreen, hats and extra T-shirts they can slip in, in case they get too sweaty. They will sincerely appreciate it.

I like my salad bug-free

If you are not Nicole Kidman craving for attention, no need to start eating bugs yet. Use lidded cookie jars as a salad container. It will keep your salad fresh and the bugs out.

But I like my salad fun, too

The great thing about summer party is having a perfect chance to get creative with salads. Tomato tulips are easy to assemble and more than practical for the backyard party, since you can carry them in your hand, no fork needed. Plus so cute.

Make the mini herb spice garden

Everyone likes their food just a little bit different. So if you want people to be 100% satisfied, let them season their food according to their personal taste. Lay the mini herb garden of basil, oregano, chives, parsley, and thyme on your porch and let them go wild with seasoning. They can even spice their own cocktails!

Everyone needs refreshments

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a delicious drink. Offer your guests plenty of choices, and they will get picky. Offer them unique, really special, secret-ingredient drinks and they will be thrilled.

Ice ice baby

When it comes to cooling your drinks, possibilities are endless. Frozen fruit cubes never go out of style. Different berries can make a colorful yet tasty addition. In addition, you can make frozen cubes out of fresh coffee and just pour some milk on top of them to get a perfectly cool latte.

It will probably get hot especially with dancing. You’ll need to stay hydrated. Instead of having artificially flavored sodas, make a fresh homemade lemonade or just slice some citrus in iced water. Your guests will appreciate this gesture.

Lighten this party up!

It’s getting dark and your guests haven’t left yet? Congratulations, it was a good party. Put some lights on, so your guests can keep enjoying your apparently awesome party.

Old soup and tomato cans can have another chance in this world as perforated lamps. Have them lying on the floor by the sidewalk or hooked on a piece of wire and hanged from the branches.

If you’re opting for a more enchanting look, try wrapping string lights around the trees and over the doorposts.

Backyard bonfire

The guests can feel involved by making their custom kebabs and grilling them on fire or melting some marshmallows. It will make everyone feel included and cosy.

Have fun with a photobooth

Who wouldn’t like this? It’s fun, it’s creative and possibilities are many. Companies like PhotoboothMe have a wider and out of the usual set of choices, such as Glamour Gif Booth, Bespoke Booths, hashtagME. You can make short silent movies, create yourself a hashtag and print photos from your phone instantly, the choice is yours, but the pleasure will be everyone’s.

Popcorn time!

When all bellies are full, some for the second time, everyone has a drink in their hands and the only thing left from your dessert are crumbs, some old classic sounds like a perfect wrap up.

You will only need to spread for the projector. The screen can be made out of white sheet wedged to your washing line. Weight it at the bottom so it doesn’t move a lot. Make sure everyone are comfortable with a blanket or lazy bag and start fighting over which movie should it be.

Let’s hope that these tips gave you at least one idea on how to make your summer party more awesome. Here’s another one- make sure that you’ve invited some really cool friends to help you clean all the mess. Get them hooked on some extra dessert, or promise to return the favour. Enjoy your summer party!


Contributed by Victoria Lim

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