16 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Work Desk

A monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and possibly a phone: these are the main items you probably need at your desk to do your job. But who says you must keep the space status quo? Keep reading to learn new ways that you can spruce up your work desk. 

Get Organized 

Your desk is your devoted space to get your work done. Having a clean space can increase your productivity and will help you enjoy your environment. Clutter can be stressful, especially if there are important handwritten notes floating on your desk which always seem to disappear when you need them most. 

  1. Use organizers such as file folders and dividers for your drawers. This will organize all your papers, documents, and printed handouts. Dividers in your drawers can help you keep track of your favorite stationery while a pen holder can display your favorite precious pens. 
  2. Maximize the vertical space available to you to avoid clutter on your desk. Hang baskets, compartments, and small shelves if your space allows. 
  3. Hang a cork board for pinning notes and memos. You could also include a white board area of your space that is helpful for passing on important updates to your team. An example would be posting the days you will be on vacation.
  4. Less to do with organization, but still important: consider keeping wet-wipes at your desk. This is a significantly more powerful cleaning tool than paper towels alone. If a coffee or crumb lands on your desk, you will be prepared to handle it quickly. 

Add Color to Your Space

The days of relying on the boring black stapler are gone. Office supplies are now available in nearly any color you could ever imagine. Products are being made in neon hues, bold prints, and even glow-in-the-dark options. You can pick a color palette to guide your vision, or you can pick a theme (such as nature, or zen vibes). 

  1. You can purchase almost any office supply imaginable in your favorite color. Many products will also be available in fun-prints, and even glow-in-the-dark options.
  2. Assign a color for different areas of your work. This will brighten up your space and will also keep you organized. 
  3. Add a plant-mate to your space. Even if you do not have any natural light, there are plenty of plant options that can thrive in an office environment. The fresh green foliage will boost your mood and will add life to your space. 
  4. Choose the right lighting. This tip cannot be stressed enough! With the right lighting you are more likely to feel alert and stay productive. 

Personalize your Desk

Why not decorate your workspace to reflect your style, just like you would decorate your own space at home? Make sure you review the company policy on what is appropriate to bring into the office, and then get creative with the elements you want to incorporate into your professional space.

  1. Add pictures of friends and family members. Include memorabilia from your favorite trips. Little pieces like this can make your space feel more special. 
  2. Consider monogramming or labeling your supplies. This is especially helpful if you work in a space where co-workers are notorious for borrowing your stuff. 
  3. Hang inspirational quotes and meaningful sayings in your space. 
  4. Include pieces that directly reflect your interests. Hang a poster from your favorite sports-team, adorn your space with crafts you have made at home, or post a calendar with your favorite images and theme. These personal touches can serve as a great ice-breaker with your peers. 

Include Items of Comfort 

There will be times when you have a lot of work to do, but you feel off your game. You may feel physically under the weather, or maybe mentally you wish could snuggle up in bed instead of doing work. Obviously, you cannot take a nap at your desk, but you can certainly have other items close by to provide you with comfort when you feel down. 

  1. Consider keeping a comfy pillow on your chair. This little addition can totally upgrade a standard office-desk chair (which are historically very uncomfortable). 
  2. Add a blanket over your chair, or keep it stored in your desk-drawers. Many offices become ice-cold when the air-conditioning is turned on, and a blanket might save you.
  3. Keep a box of your favorite tea or coffee. When the work cafeteria shuts down, you may still want to treat yourself to a warm beverage. 
  4. A change of shoes can completely change your mood. Changing the shoes you are wearing might sound strange, but if you are sitting at your desk and no one can see you, why not slip into something that is more comfortable?

Your work desk may feel drab, but there are plenty of ideas here to inspire you to spruce up your desk. You can add color, include personalized touches, or increase the comfort of your space. Any option you chose to do will put a smile on your face every time you sit down at your desk. 


About the Author 

Yusuf is the head leather craftsman and oversees the business operations of the popular online leather goods company, Galen Leather. They handcraft unique leather notebook covers, portfolios, wallets, bags and so much more, blending their love for both the analogue and digital.


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