Why You Should Consider Traveling and Why Crete is a Good Choice

Sadly, a huge part of everyone’s lives all around the world is routine. Routine can mean stability and success to a certain extent, but it is true that routine, although a very good thing when done correctly, is also something that can make us wonder: Does it actually have a meaning?

You see, healthy routines can greatly increase our performance and productivity. For certain works and vocations, a routine is pretty much necessary. It prepares us for our daily responsibilities, and thanks to them, the burden of work as well as studying doesn’t weigh as much.

However, there will be a moment when we will get tired of repeating the same aspects of our lives over and over. That is the reason why people need vacations: to give our lives a piece of fresh air to get away from everything and encounter new things. 

During a vacation, one of the best things you can do is travel. Traveling can be considered a way to connect with the unknown, and experience things that usually you wouldn’t be able to experience. Culture, cuisine, people, locations… Traveling can provide you with a lot of new adventures.

With that said, some people might be reluctant to the idea of traveling. It is expensive, it takes some effort, and it might even seem like an overhyped activity. But, overall, it is something that can add a lot of value to your life!

That is why, in this article, we will talk about why you should consider traveling, and in which ways it can help you become a better person. We will also talk about a very specific location you might want to visit: Crete, one of the most popular Greek islands for tourists. 

A Rewarding Adventure

There’s nothing better than being in a place that you don’t know, and you know for sure there’s no one around that knows you. It gives you a sense of freedom that cannot be compared with anything else, and knowing that you will visit places and do things without having to worry about the life you left behind once you stepped outside the airplane, is one of the most rewarding things you can enjoy.

Every corner, every person you meet, every meal you taste, every sip of any drink you take, and just breathing while enjoying the scenery of a beautiful place… It will be special in its own unique way, and it will remain with you for the days to come.

And once you get home, all the stress, anxiety, and problems you once left will be gone for sure. This feeling, of course, will disappear over time, but the memories and the experiences you lived through the whole adventure, will remain. That is something no one can take from you.

A New Perspective on Life

Something people have to understand is that life is not all about earning money. New experiences, new lessons, new thoughts, people, and even simplicity, are what grant us happiness in the long-term run. 

I don’t say money is not important. Believe me, I do understand the real value of money… But is through new experiences that we can learn how to appreciate things in life that usually we would take for granted, and our perspective of things will change for the better.

As an immigrant who once lived in a very poor country, now that I have a very decent job and I can still work from home even during quarantine, I now get to appreciate the simple things life gives me, from a hot cup of coffee every morning after I take a bath, to having a bed in where I can sleep comfortably.

Traveling might be a really good way to experience new things, which in a way, will provide you with new perspectives of life that will make you understand how valuable simple times are, and how the things you once considered the most important aspects of your life, might not be as important as you thing.

You Might Want to Rent a Car

That is why, when it comes to traveling, I do recommend taking a different approach to the experience. If you have the time and want to experience something new, renting a car is a really good way of experiencing what it is to be in a foreign land all by yourself or in the company, and thankfully, if after reading this article you end up wanting to visit Crete, Goautos – leiebil Kreta might be able to help you with this.

A road trip is a rather affordable way to experience traveling with a more realistic setup. You have some liberties, but the best aspect about it is that you are in charge, and you can decide what you want to do. 

The approach is more spontaneous, of course. You might end up seeing a restaurant on the road while your stomach is rumbling, then tasting one of the best meals you might get to eat during the whole trip or meeting people that you might end up remembering for your whole life.

I, myself, consider that a road trip along with friends or a significant other is a very good way to experience a trip. You will get to enjoy all the events the road can provide you, and you will have more freedom to decide how to spend your time and create more significant memories.

Crete, the Pride of Greece

Now, let’s talk about Crete. It is true that the world is indeed wide, and there are many places you can visit as a tourist, but Crete is among the best options you have. First of all, visiting a place that is very different from your culture is probably one of the best things you can do, and Crete is one of those options.

Crete is a very big island, however, and there are a great number of options you have to check out. This adds a lot of variety to what you can expect, from beaches to cities and historically reach locations, Crete has everything you might want to experience.

Of course, that also means that you won’t be able to do much in a single weekend. If you want to check all of Crete, even a two-week trip won’t be enough. However, if you only want to check out things that fit your tastes, two weeks are more than enough.

Among the options you have, beaches are probably the most popular ones. The Seitan Limania beach is one of the most popular beaches, and the Balos Lagoon can also enter this category, and Sissi, known for being a fishing village, also has a small beach nearby.

If you are into history, visiting historically important places might also be a very good approach to your traveling experience. Rethymno is a very old town known for its rich history and incredible ancient architecture, while the Knossos Palace is probably the oldest place you can visit.

Planning the experience is a really good way to decide what you want to do, and to do that, you might want to check traveling guides. This one here might be the thing for you, so make sure to take your time. 

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