Surprisingly Kid-Friendly Vacation Spots in the U.S.

When considering kid-friendly vacation spots, you most likely think of Orlando, Florida, Washington, D.C., and Williamsburg, Virginia, right? Have you ever considered Brooklyn, New York or Sedona, Arizona as kid-friendly vacation spots? Here are a few surprisingly kid-friendly vacation spots in the U.S.

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn is a borough in New York City, located in Kings County. The Prospect Park Zoo was established in 1935 and is situated over 12 acres. The zoo features close to 630 animals that represent nearly 101 different species, including Madagascar Jumping Rat, Tufted Deer, and Red-Faced Parrot Finch. Coney Island is located in the southwestern area of Brooklyn. It is an entertainment destination featuring rides, games, and attractions, including the famous Cyclone Roller Coaster. It is also home to the New York Aquarium and the Coney Island Museum.

Bloomington, Minnesota

Bloomington is Minnesota’s 4th largest city, located in Hennepin County, just 10 miles from downtown Minneapolis. The Mall of America is the largest mall in the U.S. that features 4 levels with more than 520 stores and 50 dining establishments. The Mall of America is also home to attractions such as the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium and the Nickelodeon Universe. The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1976 and features 14,000 acres of wildlife such as River Otters, Prairie Skinks, and Great Blue Herons.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona lies in the northern part of the Verde Valley region of Arizona. Slide Rock State Park is one of Arizona’s most-visited attractions that features 3 hiking trails, a gift shop and several picnic areas. It is home to several species of wildlife including bald eagles, javelina, and white-tailed deer. Pink Jeep Tours were named by TripAdvisor as the 4th Best Tour Company in the U.S. The most popular off-road excursions include the Broken Arrow Trail Tour and the Ancient Ruins Tour.

Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley isn’t all about wineries, you know, although it is considered one of the world’s premier wine regions. Playground Fantastico is a community built playground, established in 2002. The playground is castle-themed and features a climbing wall, 5 slides, and 9 swings. It is also home to play houses, a large sand pit area, and a wooden fort play structure. Old Faithful Geyser is the smaller version of the famous one in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park. Every 30 minutes or so, this geyser erupts into a 60-foot high, 350-degree water temperature wonder of nature. It is also home to a petting zoo, featuring horned sheep, llamas, and mountain goats, as well as a geology museum.

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