5 Tips for Organizing Your Holidays Like a Travel Pro

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Do you find the mere thought of organizing a holiday to be extremely stressful? Do you wish you could travel more often, but the stress and hassle are too much to deal with? These are the kinds of things that travelers often ponder, not realizing there are solutions. Travel pros will attest to the fact that there are tips and tricks that make organization a breeze. That sets the trip up to be a whole lot more successful and enjoyable. Let’s look at five top tips for organizing your holidays like a travel pro.

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Learn How to Find Cheap Flights

You’ve probably heard it before: cheap flights can be a fabulous way to save money, but the question is, how do you find these cheap flights? This is one of the most important tips that travel pros use, as saving money on flights means you can use those savings on other aspects of the holiday or even put it towards the next vacation.

Generally speaking, the best way to find cheap flights is to use online tools. Check out the pros and cons of Google Flights, which makes it possible to find flights and compare fares up to 12 months in advance. You can even do a multiple airport search. It’s worth noting that Google Flights won’t show you every airline and it can’t identify mistake fares. Still, tools such as this do much of the legwork for you, providing you with almost instant results.

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Last Minute Deals May Not Always Be the Best Option

It used to be that travelers would book their trips last minute to take advantage of incredible savings, but that’s not always the case nowadays. Often, it pays to be an organized traveler who books well in advance. Many tour operators offer early booking discounts and promotions, and some may even allow you to pay in installments rather than paying in full at the time of booking.

Use a Packing List to Alleviate Stress

An instant way to relieve stress is to get into the habit of using a packing list. If you’re currently trying to remember everything in your head and keep things straight, it’s time to let go and put it in a list instead. You’ll even find free apps perfect for making and sample packing lists online. As you add items to the suitcase, simply check them off the list.

Stop the Cycle of Over-Packing

Overpacking is something everyone is guilty of at one point or another. The hope is that once you do it that first time, you don’t do it again; however, that’s not usually the reality. People are often guilty of the ‘what if’ type of mentality. What if on vacation it suddenly rains, gets cold, you go to a fancy dinner, you need activewear, and so forth? Before you know it, your suitcase is so full you can’t close it.

A good way to stop the cycle is to use the 25% rule of thumb. The way it works is that you go ahead and pack everything you think you’ll need. Leave it for a couple of days, then return with a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective and remove at least 25% of the contents.

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Upgrade Your Carry-On Bag

Finally, traveling like a pro means you know how to pack a carry-on bag. Yes, it should contain all your essentials, a change of clothes, and your electronics, but it also needs to be packed smartly so that you save space and organization is achieved. If your current carry-on bag doesn’t support these needs, it’s time for an upgrade. Be sure to look for one with different pockets and compartments to make organization a breeze.

By using these tips, you’ll become a travel pro and the organization will no longer be a source of stress.

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  1. You have done a wonderful job of explaining how to organize holidays like a travel pro. I agree that it pays to be an organized traveler who books well in advance. I have experienced some amazing early booking discounts and promotions thanks to your advice. I also appreciate your tip on how to stop overpacking by using the 25% rule of thumb. It has saved me a lot of space and hassle. Thank you for this brilliant resource!

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